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10 Best Solar Landscape Lighting – Reviews + Buying Guide

The traditional lights I was using were really burning my electricity bill and I wanted to switch to something interesting.

I got a suggestion from a friend regarding solar landscape lights that could be used in my garden using the solar energy around me.

I myself being an environment enthusiast decided to switch to reusable solar lights ASAP.

I went ahead and tried 10 solar lights and have found URPOWER Solar Lights to be the best product. It offers some of the best features like bright light, long-lasting charge period, high-quality material, and adjustable light modes.

There are solar-powered lights out there for each reason, regardless of whether you need to enlighten a way, favor more classic designed lights or want the entire yard to the splendor of a flood or spotlight. Here are altogether the best solar lights you can purchase at present.

Let’s have a look.

Best Solar Landscape Lighting Reviewed

All the products mentioned here are available on amazon.

URPOWER Solar Lights

URPOWER Solar Lights
  • Weatherproof
  • Long-lasting charge
  • Very low price
  • Takes longer to charge

After doing a lot of research and trying out multiple products in this category I stumbled upon the URPOWER Solar Lights and I must confess that was a very lucky day. This is by far the best product which is made from great quality plastic and provides the best service. 

The high-quality plastic material makes it waterproof which means that it will not be damaged due to rain. It can even withstand extreme weather conditions. So overall this makes it highly durable and long-lasting. It has been 3 years since I have installed these beauties in my front yard and they look amazing.

Talking about its illumination power, they are top-notch. The LEDs are highly efficient and brightly illuminate my front yard at night. It has multiple adjustable modes which enable you to direct the solar panels to get the maximum exposure to sunlight. It also has different light modes for medium and high brightness. I prefer the high bright mode at night.

When it comes to how long it remains functional, I must say a single charge throughout the day can keep it on for all night till morning even in the winters, and where I live the winter days are comparatively shorter. 

At first, I was taken aback by its cost as its price is very cheap so I doubted its quality and service but then I was amazed that such a high-quality product comes at such a low price.

InnoGear Solar Lights Outdoor

InnoGear Solar Lights Outdoor
  • Multiple light modes
  • Waterproof
  • The head adjustments are limited

InnoGear Solar Lights are very cheap and come in a pack of 2 so I bought 4 units. I installed them all around my house and after seeing them work I was amazed. They lit up my entire house premises perfectly. It was beyond my expectations. The LED lights are great and put out bright light.

They are easy to install and very simple to assemble. The head can be turned accordingly to maximize sunlight absorption. There are multiple brightness modes also. The high brightness mode helps brighten the area clearly so that I don’t have problems watching my steps at night.

The product is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. I mainly use these to light my terrace and that is the place that receives most of the sunlight but at the same time is most influenced by the weather conditions so this feature has saved my choice.

Nekteck 2 Pack Solar Lights

Nekteck 2 Pack Solar Lights
  • Warm white light mode
  • Waterproof
  • The LEDs are not durable

I was not expecting such great quality from this unit because of its price tag. Moreover, I was not aware of the adjustable light color modes. But, after I went through the instructions I tried the warm white light mode and I fell in love with the color. I have set them near my pool and they set a calm soothing mood while I take a dip in the cold water.

The product also has adjustable light modes, low and high, I keep them at low as it saves energy and a single charge can keep it running for almost 3 days as I only use them while at the pool that is almost for 3 hours.

It is also waterproof which increases its utility and demand as it will not be hampered by rains and storms. It is also very easy to install and has adjustable panels which ensure maximum sunlight exposure.

Micro solar Spotlights

Micro solar Spotlights
  • Easy Installation
  • Long duration after charging
  • Not resistant to harsh weather conditions

These Micro solar spotlights are very bright and reasonably priced. Its multiple LEDs are highly efficient for brightening my driveway. Yes, I have installed them along my driveway and they do a great job. 

The size of the product is smaller when compared to other products of this category so it makes relocating them very easy if you ever feel that their position is not suitable and convenient. And, you can place them anywhere to ensure that they receive maximum sunlight.

The solar panels have been designed to absorb sunlight efficiently and a single-day charging keeps a unit going from dusk to dawn. The batteries are replaceable and are quite cheap so you don’t have to worry if the battery gets damaged. 

I have bought 10 of them and they are very easy to install. It has been 5 months since I have bought these and they work just fine. These units have daylight sensors and this prevents unnecessary switching on during the day when the sun is out.

Solar Spotlights, Magictec Warm Light

Solar Spotlights, Magictec Warm Light
  • Bright warm light
  • Adjustable parts
  • Can get damaged by heavy rain 

These solar spotlights have completely adjustable parts. The neck can be adjusted to place the solar panels for receiving optimum sunlight. The lights can be set up and down so that you can light the area and focus on places that you want. It can be installed on the ground or the wall very conveniently and the installation process is also very easy.

The LED lights give out a warm yellow color which brightens the surroundings pretty well. Sometimes I like to take a stroll through my garden so I have installed a few of these at the base of my palm trees. It looks amazing at night and I love the ambiance they create.

The solar panels absorb sunlight throughout the day and charge the batteries which keep them running throughout the night. The solar panels are a savior as it prevents extra electricity charges and I can keep them on all night without thinking about the electricity consumption.

Mini 50X Twin Solar-Powered Spotlight

Mini 50X Twin Solar-Powered Spotlight
  • Wide range of illumination
  • Advanced technology for better performance
  • Wiring can be difficult to set up

Solar-powered spotlights are great when it comes to saving electricity charges but they are even better when they come in amazing designs like these Mini 50X Twin Solar-Powered Spotlight which comes in a contemporary design that looks great when installed. The metal polish adds to its style and makes it stand out.

These units come with remote solar panels which is a great feature as you can place these lights anywhere you want while the solar panels can be placed at a spot that receives maximum sunlight. The solar panels are technically advanced which makes them absorb more sunlight than other solar spotlights.

The LEDs are very bright and excellent when it comes to illumination. They give out a warm white light which is bright yet soothing to the eyes. A magnifier lens is attached to the LEDs which increases the range of the spotlights. I have placed just two of them on my lawn and they easily light my entire lawn.

Due to the advanced solar panels, they can function all night. The LEDs also have adjustable dimmers which makes it easy to dim the light if required. These amazing features make this product one of the top solar spotlights in the market.

Frostfire Landscape Spotlights

Frostfire Landscape Spotlights
  • Bright LEDs
  • Metal design
  • The wiring can be tricky to link

Despite being solar powered Frostfire is an excellent product and gives brightness like halogen lights. They come with LED lights but these lights are highly efficient. I use them for landscape lighting and they provide the perfect amount of light. These units have exceeded my expectations.

The product is made up of high-quality metal which makes it waterproof, heatproof, and highly durable. Not only in durability but the metal body plays a big role to make it look different. They look outstanding. The design of the lights is also made in such a way to make it small but efficient.

A few of them are sufficient to light my whole backyard. A full day of charging keeps them running from dusk to dawn. The solar panels are remote which makes it easy to install them. I have installed the solar panels on the roof to expose them to maximum sunlight. I have also recommended this to my brother and he also loved this piece.

Malibu 8501-0604-01 Solar Spotlight

Malibu 8501-0604-01 Solar Spotlight
  • Small size
  • Waterproof solar panels
  • The illumination range is not very wide

Malibu Solar Spotlights are a very small yet very efficient piece of tech. The plastic material makes it light and easy to install. The plastic is of high quality which makes it durable and resistant to dust and harsh weather. The small body makes relocating them easy. I have relocated them multiple times according to my preference. 

The LED lights are quite bright. I have a statue in front of my entrance gate. I have placed two of these at the base of that statue. It looks amazing when they light up the statue at night. Their small size doesn’t hamper the beauty of my statue which I like the most. The LED lenses are very clear and even after 6 months from installation they are pretty neat.

The solar panels are waterproof. Due to this, I don’t have to worry about them getting damaged. The head is rotatable so I can adjust them according to the direction of sunlight for the most efficient charging. 

APOLLED Solar Lights

APOLLED Solar Lights
  • Bright light
  • Adjustable mode
  • Even when fully charged they remain on for a few hours

APOLLED Solar lights have adjustable light modes. The three light modes are designed considering the preference of the customers. I generally prefer the medium light mode as I use them in my backyard where I already have some spotlights. I have installed it on the corners behind the bushes which gives a natural look and also highlights my well-trimmed bushes.

The installation process is pretty easy. The LEDs are bright enough and durable. My electrician recommended this unit as I wanted a good spotlight but at a cheap price. They really are affordable and help me in reducing my electricity consumption. The solar panels are designed so as to face vertically which exposes it to sunlight efficiently.

It also has a daylight sensor that prevents activation under sunlight which also ensures maximum charging during the day and maximum usage at night. Also, I prefer using them when I organize backyard parties for maximum illumination. 

What to Look For When Buying Solar Spotlights 

Charging Capacity and Duration of the Charge

The only disadvantage that solar spotlights have is the duration it remains functional for even after a full day of charging. But still, it should not be considered a disadvantage as the power source for these units is unlimited solar energy. 

But again, even if sunlight is renewable and limitless if the solar panels in the spotlight are not efficient enough then they will not be able to store a sufficient amount of energy to keep the lights charged throughout the night.

So when buying a solar spotlight make sure to check for the efficiency of the solar panels in the spotlight. The best product for this is Mini 50X Twin Solar-Powered Spotlight. It can perform for 10-12 hours from a single all-day charge.

Illumination and Brightness

Another feature that should be kept in mind is the main reason for which you are buying the spotlights, i.e. for illumination. The best products are those that provide bright illumination on a wide range. The color of the light is secondary and depends on the customer’s choice. 

If you want to choose a light variation then you can choose between :

Bright Warm White

This variant is for those who want to light up their space but in a more soothing manner and not for focusing on a certain area. The best product for this is URPOWER Solar Lights.

Bright Yellow

This color is specifically for those who want to focus on a certain area and keep a clear view of that place at night. Solar Spotlights, Magictec Warm Light is your go-to product if you prefer this kind of light.

Wide Range

But if you want to have an efficient spotlight that will lighten a large area then Mini 50X Twin Solar-Powered Spotlight is a great choice.

Waterproof and Durability 

Solar spotlights are not very useful during rainy days but still, they need to face the harsh weather conditions so that they can carry on performing after the rainy season is over. It is wise to go for products that have a waterproof design and solar panel. URPOWER Solar Lights offers a waterproof design and can be used even in rainy seasons.

Adjustable Modes 

Solar spotlights that have adjustable parts and brightness modes are highly preferable.

Adjustable Parts

Adjustable parts can be rotated or set in such a way to position the solar panel directly towards the sun thus ensuring that the maximum amount of sunlight gets absorbed which in turn will ensure optimum charging. Malibu 8501-0604-01 Solar Spotlight has an adjustable head that can be rotated according to convenience.

Adjustable Light Mode

Having an adjustable light mode will enable you to dim the lights when not required. This will also help save the stored energy resulting in a longer duration of the run time. Nekteck 2 Pack Solar Lights has multiple adjustable modes and is a great choice due to this feature.

Our Verdict

While picking the best solar spotlights for your home, it assists with going for a stroll around your property around evening time, and discovering which regions you need to be lit up. This will incorporate your front yard, your driveway, and other passages to your home. 

You likewise need to pick solar spotlights that are not difficult to set up and will last you as the night progresses. Extra highlights incorporate lights with motion sensors, so the lights will either turn on or light up when there’s somebody present, or dim when there’s nobody around. It’s a decent method to maintain the battery life of the lights. 

Obviously, you’ll likewise need to discover solar spotlights that look great during the daytime, as well. Most are dark, however, you can discover ones in silver, treated steel, and white, depending upon the brand.

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