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10 Best Craft Lights – Reviews & Buying Guide [2022]

Do you often find your regular craft light to be inefficient and inadequate? Is the traditional bulb light straining your eye muscles? Well if this is true, you need to replace your light with very stylish and power-efficient LED craft lights.

The LED craft lights have proven to be a boon for all hobbyists. Not only are they inexpensive as compared to the traditional lamps but they also conserve more power and give you higher returns on investment. These lights will serve you day in and day out.

The following are some of the highest-rated craft lights available on Amazon. These are widely accepted and trusted by users. We bring you a concise analysis so that you don’t have to do the legwork.

1. Brighttech LED Lamp

Brighttech LED Lamp
  • Great Design
  • Sturdy Base
  • Cost-Effective
  • Versatile
  • Bulb Not Replaceable
  • Gives Off Fluorescent White Light

Are the regular lamps straining your eyes with inefficient illumination? Well if yes, the Brightech LED lamp is the one-stop solution to your needs.

With its very flexible gooseneck ad super bright LEDs, this will absolutely help you marvel in your crafting activities. Apart from helping you in crafting, this lamp can be used for a variety of things such as crochet stitching, sewing, knitting, quilting.

It would be an ideal choice for aestheticians for doing lash and nail extensions, facials, etc. The super flexible gooseneck allows you to angle the light nicely. The brand’s delivery is lightning fast. The wood base is sturdy and prevents tipping no matter what.

Assembling it is very simple but the aluminum thread on the shaft can easily be cross-threaded. The product has a great design. The on/off button makes it easy to find in the dark. It is lightweight and portable. The LED technology does not let the lamp overheat and prevents accidental burns.

Usually, the shafts are centered on the base but in the Brighttech lamp, the shaft is attached to the edge of the base, thus, it takes up the smallest space in the room which gives it an edge over other lamps. The light is ample for those suffering from nyctalopia.

The users have reported that the customer service is very courteous and polite. You also get a  generous 3year product warranty. Overall it is a smart choice if you want an excellent product at a fantastic price.

2. Taotronics LED Desk Lamp

Taotronics LED Desk Lamp
  • Portable
  • Touch-sensitive control panel
  • USB charging
  • Dimmable
  • None

The second item on our list is the amazing Taotronics LED lamp. For crafting, you need bright light and this product delivers you that. It is a very versatile product that you can use for your art or knitting purpose or office or study room, etc. The pole length can be increased or decreased as per requirement.

You can swivel the touch-sensitive pad to change the different brightness modes. The memory feature provides Taotronics an edge over regular lamps. This will remember the last mode you set it onto every time you turn it on. The packaging is sturdy. The lamp assembly is very basic and the installation is precise.

The design is minimalist and thoughtful which would totally match your vibe. It is USB chargeable. The neck is very flexible and you can adjust it at many angles. Made of high-grade metal, it won’t overheat on over-usage. The quality of soft light emitted is soft and saves you from eye fatigue while crafting.

There are four different levels of brightness to choose from and four modes to adjust the bright light emitted. You may choose between soft, warm, white, or yellow light tones.

It is very adaptable and can be also used for reading, studying, and office usage. It occupies the least amount of space in your room. The product is very light and can be carried anywhere. 

It has two lighting modes and is very power efficient. It can be used by elders and kids easily. You cannot beat this product for its very reasonable price and product quality made of fine metal.

3. Vikkia LED Light

Vikkia LED Light
  • Cost-effective
  • Very bright
  • Hands-free
  • Portable and multitasking
  • Hard to configure

If you get frustrated after adjusting the gooseneck of a lamp and still not getting enough focused light where you want it, the Vikkia LED light may be the lamp of your dreams. A hands-free bright lamp that you can hang around your neck and maneuver swiftly is so much better than using a traditional standing desk/floor lamp.

This lamp has three brightness levels and different dimming modes that save your eyes from straining. It lets you illuminate the smallest spot with maximum ease. Even the lowest brightness mode is very bright. You can take it with you while outside on a boys’ scouts or camping or when traveling. It comes with rechargeable batteries which last upto7-40 hours with full charging.

The ergonomic neck is very flexible and steady. This makes the product very versatile. You may use it for crochet work, stitching, embroidery, painting, studying, dentistry, and much more. We recommend this to any crafter who needs that extra bit of hands-free light. It would take up the smallest space in your crafting bag.

It is great for reading at night when you don’t want to wake up the rest of the house. It’s also good for crafting project that needs more attention, impressing your friends, lighting up enclosed places like the backs of cabinets or boxes. Every light is independent and has its own control. To conclude, we can say that it is a spectacular item for the price.

4. LITOM LED Desk Lamp

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Multiple dimming and brightness modes
  • Foldable
  • Short arms

The next item on our list is the LITOM LED desk lamp. It provides a great deal of illumination perfect for crafting sessions. It is very compact and would easily fit into your crafting bag. Besides this, you can use it for reading fine prints, stitching, quilting, nail art, lash extensions, etc. It is very ambidextrous.

The very long-lasting LED will give you utmost satisfaction and zero troubles of having to replace them every now and then. It is enabled with a touch-sensitive control panel and memory function which is icing on the cake. You can easily switch between different modes and the memory function would let you save the last brightness setting.

The design is robust and very modern booking. The lights are controlled by a single touch tap. It has 3 brightness levels. It is great for home/office work too. It’s lightweight but is solidly built. The lamp is easy to plugin, and the fact that it folds up to be stored almost anywhere is definitely a huge plus. 

The interface is simple. You can switch between three color warmth settings with the touch-and-hold feature. The colors are amber, bluish-white, and a combination of the two. Use between low light for ambiance, med light for reading, and bright to do crafts. Overall it’s a great purchase!

5. Brighttech Litespan LED desklamp

Brighttech Litespan LED desklamp
  • Dimmable 
  • LIFESPAN-100000+ hours
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Rotatable neck
  • Short cord length
  • Wobbly base

The very powerful Brighttech Litespan LED desk lamp offers a very bright light for crafting. This can also be used by artists in their art studios, estheticians in their spas and salons, for doing lash extensions, studying, reading, quilting, etc.

The lamp comes with an adjustable gooseneck that rotates as per your wish and needs and throws light at all angles. The illumination is not too bright or too low, just the right amount. The brilliant spectrum of light spreads evenly and causes zero eye troubles and discomforts. It comes with a digital and not a mechanical on/off switch.

The lamplight can be dimmed at four levels. The product design is very sleek and nice that will also enhance the curb appeal of the space. The Brighttech light is very power effective and unlike most traditional lamps, needs basic maintenance.

It is easy to assemble. The good metal used assures that it is safe to use even after hours of use and prevents overheating. It will thus save you from unnecessary accidental burns. 

It also offers three different color temperature settings which do not need readjustment every time you restart your work. It would also be a fit choice for your office/bedroom/studying room/photography. Considering the service it offers, it is a great product for the value.

6. Verilux Smart light

Verilux Smart light
  • Very flexible
  • Heavy-duty parts
  • Addresses vision issues
  • Multipurpose
  • Short wiring

The Veriflux Smart light offers multiple light settings and brightness levels. The awesome modern look this offers lifts up the ambiance of any space. The luminosity simulates daylight and is best for those with nyctalopia or macular degeneration. It would be the ideal choice for crafters of any age and this will enable them to work during any time of the day or night.

The great intensity of light reduces eye discomfort and the adjustable gooseneck allows you to focus light on any spot. It highlights even the minutest details. It has three color levels – essentially daylight, incandescent, and a level in between. The switches are touch-controls grouped at the base of the gooseneck. The assembly is super easy and straightforward.  

This is a lifesaver for those with low vision. The regular lamps offer bluish-white light which causes insomnia and multiple eye troubles like watery eyes, burning, and irritation. This lamp offers you advanced features to switch from white to warm light. You can select any light mode that suits your vision.

The pole length is of optimum length and is thick. The top part is plastic whereas all the other parts look heavy-duty. The base is sturdy and the base is nicely weighted which steadily plants the lamp. There is abundant light for working with intricacy. The only issue users reported is that the bulb is not replaceable.  

7. Ottlite Desk Lamp

Ottlite Desk Lamp
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Bright light
  • Compact
  • Short life
  • Bad customer service

The Ottlite desk lamp has a 360-degree rotatable base that can be swiveled and the robust base lets you adjust the lights accordingly. The light is flicker-free and glare-free. This would guard your eyes against any strain or fatigue while doing craftwork.

It is very inexpensive. You can’t go wrong with this task lamp. It is perfect for taking pictures of your craft without leaving a dark shadow on the photographed image. you may also use it for studying, as a workbench light, or for other workspaces.

You will be delighted to use the modern design. You just lift up the front portion to turn it on, then lower it to turn it off. It seems sturdy and nicely built. The lamp is well worth the reasonable price. It gets shipped quickly and the packaging is fine. It is lightweight, portable, and satisfying.

The base can swivel too. This is so compact and just the size of an old thermos bottle but its performance speaks for itself. How spectacular!

8. Brightech LightView Pro

Brightech LightView Pro
  • Magnifier lens
  • Ample brightness
  • Flexible
  • Well constructed
  • Magnification could’ve been more

The Brighthech Lightview Pro has a great magnifier, the perfect solution to your eyesight and vision troubles. The solid diopter lens offers ample magnification. The neck is very flexible so you can adjust the magnifier according to your needs. It is a versatile product that can also be used for reading, embroidery, wood tailoring besides being perfect for craftwork.

The additional feature would be the scratch resistance of the glass which makes it more durable. This lamp performs better than regular fluorescent lamps.  The base is very stable and does not tip.

It delivers what it advertises. The packaging is not flimsy. The base is sturdy and the clamp is very strong and includes good rubber/silicone grips so it can clamp on securely. 

Everything about this is well constructed and designed. Most of the reviews are positive. Also, this is great for your neck and back. This also keeps your proper posture in check and does not let your back hunch. We absolutely recommend this product.

9. Ottlite Craftlight Lamp

Ottlite Craftlight Lamp
  • Sturdy design
  • Great magnification
  • Robust base
  • Flexible neck
  • Heavy base

This lamp offers you three options. You can use it as a floor lamp table lamp or screw-on lamp. The amount of light is great. It will be soft on your eyes. You can use it for craftwork, painting, stitching, wood tailoring, etc.

It also has a clamp which is very strong. The wheelbase is easily maneuverable. Compared to CFL bulbs, this lamp gives you bright white light and the magnifying glass allows you to enlarge sections when needed. The instructions and setup are easy. The neck is adjustable and you can tilt it accordingly. 

The illumination is apt to work on small details. The gooseneck holds firmly where you place them. The arms of the light and clamp are stiff enough to stay in position. The base is weighted and solid so it won’t easily be knocked over by pets or children.

You can definitely feel the difference while using it. The users have left excellent reviews for this product. The lens is distortion-free. It fills adjust to fit any furniture situation. The lighting itself is very good and the ability to adjust the height and angle of the lamp portion itself is a definite plus. It’s a great product for its value.

10. TOMOL Super Bright COB LED

TOMOL Super Bright COB LED
  • USB powered
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Foldable
  • Poor customer service

The last item on our list TOMOL Super Bright LED Craftlight. The TOMOL lamp is great for a backpack, car, or anywhere in the house. . You can direct the light very flexibly. Also, you will love how it folds down into a clunky cell phone size.  

It is USB-powered and has an edge over other traditional lamps. I like being able to get different light intensities by pushing the on and off button. It’s ideal as a side nightstand too. To turn the lamp on just touch lightly with fingertips around O middle switch, touching it, again and again, will increase light intensity and use all 3 light levels to suit your particular illumination needs.

The lamp is compact and tactful. It would easily fit into your crafting bag. It also has different levels of brightness, too. Overall, the TOMOL is very bright, sturdy, stable (with battery weight in the base), portable, and packable task light for a reasonable price. The lamp head may warm up on high.

How to Choose the Best Craft Lights in 2021?

In the above paragraphs, we have reviewed some of the finest quality and top-rated crafting lights available at Amazon. These are bought and trusted by users widely all over the globe. A work like crafting deals with details and to do it with perfection, one needs patience, sincerity, and also good lighting so that each detail is clearly visible.

Here are a few things you will have to keep in mind before purchasing light-the durability, metal quality, battery life, color temperature, CRI, etc. We have narrowed the data down for you, Make sure you go through the following lines and choose wisely!

Color rendering index


The CRI is defined as the color rendering index of light. It is the ability of light to reveal the true colors of an object. The higher the CRI, the sharper and edgier is the sight. Especially if you deal in clothes or opticals or jewelry, etc, a substantial amount of CRI is a mandate.

So we suggest you choose a light with a higher CRI. High ratings like 5000K and above give you cool and bluish-white light while low ratings like 4000K and below would give off a warm and yellowish light. Generally, it is recommended to go with a light that is 5000K or higher for proper visibility in your crafting space.


The lumens are directly proportional to a lamp’s brightness. The more the prior, the more is the latter. For activities like crafting, painting, sketching, sewing, doing lash extensions, you need a very bright light that helps you do the fine details with utmost intricacy. A light with a higher lumen rating is suggested. 

Battery Life

Power Source

The overall life depends on the type of batteries used. Lithium-ion batteries are more susceptible to handling heat and have a longer lifespan LED bulbs are not so power consuming so the battery will last long before you need new batteries. 

Keep the adapter or USB cable with you just to be safe in case the batteries run out. A very essential feature to check is if the batteries are replaceable otherwise you will have to throw out the complete set as it won’t be reusable.


The Vikkia LED lamp and the Brighttech Litespan are very reasonably priced. They offer a great return on investment. Finding budget-friendly lights is not that hard. Plan your budget and your expenses and make the right decision.

Eye Comfort


Bright white light or bluish-white light is hurtful to the naked eyes. Either buy prescription anti UV and anti-glare glasses while working with these or buy a lamp with a blue light filter so that it reduces eye stress and irritation.

Intricate designing and crafting strains mostly require high-intensity clear illumination so that vision is not obstructed or distorted. Lights that have magnifying lenses would be ideal for those suffering from nyctalopia or macular degeneration or deteriorating eyesight, etc.

 The Brighttech Lightview Pro and the Ottlite crafting lamps are great lamps that come with a magnifier lens and give you clearer and sharper vision.

Product Design

Nowadays a of us are very conscious about what we buy. Will it look good with the interiors. Does it match your vibe? A lamp may enhance or reduce the visual appeal of the space. If you want a stylish one, we recommend Brighttech Lightview Pro and if you want a lamp that serves its purpose and does not worry about the looks, TOMOL might be the one.

Besides this, we also have to decide if we want a cordless rechargeable lamp or a free-standing cord lamp. Go for a cordless rechargeable one, if you are a person who hangs outside more like going on a trip or attending. Go for a free-standing lamp when you need more efficiency as it is brighter and more power-efficient.

Light modes/Brightness levels 

Contemporary lamps offer multiple light and dimming modes. Most of them come with touch-sensitive control panels that allow easy management of brightness.

Brighttech and Taotronics are solid contenders in terms of modes offered. They provide multiple light modes. For different times of the day, you can increase or lower the brightness levels and tone.


The lamps are very versatile. Not only will they be useful to you during day crafting sessions, but they will also be useful when you want to craft, paint, draw, sketch at night. You can also carry them to your workshops or even use them for office work or sewing, knitting, spa sessions, reading, studying, etc.

As per our research, the Vikkia LED lamp is hands down the winner of all lamps. It is astonishingly brilliant, mighty, and very affordable. It is a complete package that delivers what it promises. The hands-free nature will keep all adjustability issues at bay.

So you are now ready to buy a craft light since you have all the relevant and required information and details. Hope it brings out the best in your work and you nail your craft sessions with finesse:)Thanks for reading.

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