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13 Best Bathroom Mirrors With Lights – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

Having a great bathroom mirror with lights clearly means amping up the accent lighting, sprucing up the decor, and adding an extra feature to your dull and regular bathroom.

 A great quality bathroom mirror comprises features like good anti-fogging, rust proofing, and great color temperature control o give you the best bathing experience.

These are quite ambidextrous and let you shave, do hair and makeup with more precision and finesse. Take a look at the best products available online :

Best Bathroom Mirrors With Lights

1.Krugg LED Bathroom Mirror

Krugg LED Bathroom Mirror
  • High quality de fogger
  • High CRI
  • Great CSR 
  • High lumen count
  • Packaging may not be sturdy

The first item on our list of best bathroom mirrors with lights is the Krugg LED bathroom mirror. With a very gorgeous look, it adds a new shine to the dreary bathroom. The Krugg bathroom mirror throws 7000 lumens of bright energy. 

The dimmable mirror is also very bright even at the lowest setting. The illumination is similar to that of a 60 watt light bulb. You would surely get a lot of appreciation for its awesome quality lighting.

The packaging and delivery are steadfast. The installation is pretty simple and precise. The mirror can be installed vertically and horizontally as well. It would be great as a vanity mirror too. The brand promises 50000 hours of use.

With a CRI of over 90, the Krugg mirror is a reliable and high-quality product. The light sensors provide easy control of the light.

 The defogger is an added bonus that doesn’t let any condensation sit on the mirror. The company’s CSR is great and responds promptly.

2.Mirrors and Marble Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors and Marble Bathroom Mirror
  • Soft white light
  • Great CSR
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Easy to mount
  • Pricey

The Mirrors and Marbles mirror gives a very clear crisp and glare-free reflection. It definitely adds a luxurious look to your bathroom.

The mirror arrives in a robust wooden crate with foam protection and frees from any damages as reported by many users.

You can have a Las Vegas-style mirror in your bathroom for less than a grand now. It would be a great vanity mirror too. The light is more white than warm yellow. The large unique mirror picks up the wall paint and feels more integrated.

The mounting and installation are pretty easy. The instructions may be a little baffling, you might need an electrician. The light is soft and light on your eyes.

The CSR is pretty quick to respond and quite courteous. From wiring to finishing to installation, this product is quite fine and totally worth the high price. Get ready to transform your bathroom into a 5-star hotel bathroom!

3.Decoraport Bathroom Mirror

Decoraport Bathroom Mirror
  • High CRI
  • Bluetooth
  • High-grade quality
  • Great anti-fogging
  • May flicker

The Decoraport LEDs are sleek, modern-looking, and finely lit. The edging is pretty. 

The 6000K color temperature means clear and neat lighting. The Bluetooth mobile pairing is an awesome feature to have in a mirror!

The mirror arrives finely packaged. It goes well with the tiles, paint, and fixtures. The wiring is not the standard black and white, rather it is red and blue. The lights will take the color of the background wall as it reflects.

 The bright illumination would be great for using it as a makeup mirror and the high CRI highlights the minutest features. The lights give a nice ambiance to the bathroom. The anti fogger works efficiently. 

The customer service is humble and quick to respond. With a lifetime of over 50000 hours, this mirror will totally surprise you. Get ready to add a new zing to your dull-looking bathroom.

4.Mirrors and Marbles Light fronted Bathroom mirror

Mirrors and Marbles Light fronted Bathroom mirror
  • Breezy installation
  • Multiple sizes
  • Robust packaging
  • Doesn’t fog up
  • Not a great vanity mirror.

This very nice and appealing mirror will totally upgrade your bathroom. It gives the perfect color temperature close to natural daylight. Space’s curb appeal is enhanced automatically and space appears bigger and better too.

The 6500 lumens give off a white bright light. The best thing about it is that the bulbs if stop working, can be replaced easily. For a vanity mirror, this may not be a great choice. You will have to add additional lighting if you want a better makeup studio-like experience. 

The packaging arrives very securely in a wooden crate. The installation may be a little troublesome as the configuration may take time. You may need an electrician to get the hard wiring done.

The frame is aluminum and well made. The light is also great for shaving. It won’t fog up while showering because of the flatness. The LED saves a lot of power and is pocket-friendly.

The customer care agents are polite and responsive. You cannot beat the price for the value. It comes in multiple sizes, you could choose the best one for yourself.

5.Hardware and Outdoor Bathroom LED Mirror

Hardware and Outdoor Bathroom LED Mirror
  • Simple installation
  • Great for makeup
  • Dimming levels
  • Frameless design
  • None

This mirror is simply fantastic. The mirror looks minimalistic and beautiful at the same time. It makes applying makeup easier and better. The frameless design is very unique and fascinating.

This will add a great touch to your bathroom. The installation is a breeze. The light has a very soft and subtle glow. The lightweight mirror literally transforms your regular bathroom into a hotel room for sure.

If you love doing makeup, this is the one for you, giving you high quality and studio-like experience.

The dimmer switch provides multiple dimming levels to adjust to your requirements. The LED technology saves up your electricity bills and lasts for a lifetime!

6.Hamilton Hills Bathroom mirrors

  • Warm light
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Ikea grade finishing
  • No hardwiring needed
  • No switch

The lights are awesome and add a fresh look to the bathroom. The design is pretty and not too heavy. It turns on instantly after switching it on. These mirrors are Ikea grade products.

This is the only LED mirror that doesn’t need hardwiring. Others need an electrician to get them hard wired. With the provided screws and anchors, it holds up well. You can slide the mirror onto the mount. 

The shipping is quick and the packaging is firm and secure and well padded. The customer service is professional and courteous.

There’s no switch to turn it on/off. You will have to unplug it to turn it off. You can also buy a remotely controllable outlet to regulate it with just a click. The size and quality are just amazing.

The elegance will make your vanity look like a hundred bucks! The light is warmer and gives a Hollywood mirror kinda feels!

7.Krugg LED Mirror

Krugg LED Mirror
  • Creative design
  • Simulates natural light
  • Easy installation
  • Sold warranty
  • De fogger doesn’t work well

This high-end-looking and fantastic mirror make your bathroom look like a high-end hotel room. It looks good and is well built. The light is plenty to be used as a makeup mirror.

The shipping was timely and the packaging was excellent. If you arent a qualified residential electrician, you may need a professional to help you with it. The on/off is easy to use and so is the dimmer switch.  

The template for locating, mounting is self-explanatory. You can mount them to wall studs for extra support. Make sure you fit the screws nicely and drill them in place.

The light is designed to view yourself in naturalistic light. They add a luxurious look to your bathroom. You can regulate the brightness by touching on the on/off circle. It does fog a little and heats up the mirror, as reported by various users.

Nevertheless, it will win you a lot of appreciation. The modern and sleek look amps up the visual appeal.  Also, it comes with a solid warranty and over 50000 hours of life.

8.Hamilton Hills Premium glass Mirror

Hamilton Hills Premium glass Mirror
  • Elegant and chic
  • Fine packaging
  • Great CSR
  • Expedient craftsmanship
  • Catches dust
  • Heavy

The mirrors look gorgeous and are well built. The look adn construction is really impressive. The impressive mirror is fairly priced and perfectly fits the price.

It arrives nice and finely packaged and in good shape. It comes with firm wood protection. It is a little too heavy to hang with the wires. You will need two additional hooks to hang it properly. 

Using chrome fixtures makes it look prettier. It feels very sturdy and the mitered corners line up very well and the reflection created is very beautiful. The expedient craftsmanship and work clearly show. The thick mirror panels add to its durability.

The only downside is that they do dust a lot. The customer service is easy and pain-free. Overall, these mirrors are well worth the price.

9.Hamilton Hills Polished Silverback Mirror

Hamilton Hills Polished Silverback Mirror
  • Easy installation
  • Radiant bright light
  • Versatile
  • Great functionality
  • Heavy

The sleek and classy look single-handedly uplifts the visual appeal of your bathroom. The elegance and sophistication added to the bathroom add a new charm.

The mounting is super simple with the 4 screws provided. The mirror is a little too heavy. The Hamiltons mirror is shiny and great. On top of that, the lighting is awesomely clear and very radiant.

It is a fantastic addition to your vanity and the illumination is amazing. The fact that it has no frames avoids any dust collection on it and the frameless design with no ridges is flawless.

The quality, functionality, and versatility are great. Walk into a movie star’s bathroom now. The size and the price are fine.

10.Maistech Bathroom Mirror

Maistech Bathroom Mirror
  • Great defogger
  • Excellent packaging
  • Three color tones
  • Sturdy design
  • Slow exchange

The mirror serves as a great makeup light and accent lighting. It is enabled with touch sensors to light it up and down. 

The instructions are simple and easy to follow. The defogger works well and doesn’t let any moisture sit on the mirror.

The defogging feature world fast and effectively. The right side buttons turn on the natural light and another tap turns it into soft light and the left side is for heating which reduces lighting. It has great touch sensitivity.

The shipping and packaging are alright. The bathroom will feel bigger and brighter. The mirror is dustproof, waterproof, and rustproof. It also gives you three different color tones options.

They last around 50000 hours which is superb. The product is totally worth the price! You will be carried away with the fair and features of the mirror.

11.Keonjinn Bathroom Mirror

Keonjinn Bathroom Mirror
  • Sufficiently bright light
  • Hassle-free instalaltion
  • Chic look
  • Constructed well
  • Wrong color coding
  • Cheap quality of wiring

The Keonjinn mirror looks very chic and classy. It gives you the feel of the expensive mirror at just half the price. It will definitely amp up the aesthetics of the space. The lighting is daily bright white and not the soft-ish white.

 It has two buttons. One for lighting and the other for anti-fogging since it heats up pretty quick. The light is quite sufficient and you can adjust the brightness easily. The defrost feature works efficiently. 

The installation is hassle-free and pretty straightforward. It needs to be hard-wired so you may require a professional for that. They are well built and are constructed robustly.

You will have to be cautious with the sharp edges though. It’s great value for the money. The only downside to this is the cheap quality wiring and the blue and brown wiring.

12.Anten Bathroom Mirror

Anten Bathroom Mirror
  • Multiple dimmers
  • Vast color temperature range
  • Great anti-fogging
  • Clean bright light
  • Flimsy packaging

The Anten bathroom mirror is a fantastic addition to your regular-looking bathroom. It will legit transform it into a high-end hotel bathroom. They look modern and elegant and very tightly built.

It gives you soft white and warm yellow light or plain white. You can switch between the three according to your need and the light ambiance. The touch screen is very active and quick to respond to the controls.

The defogger works rapidly and diffuses the extra moisture quickly within minutes. The installation may be a little tedious so you may require a professional for that. The illumination is great for doing hair and makeup.

It can be installed horizontally or vertically. You may also use it in your bathroom.

The 3000-6000 K of bright light lets you adjust the color temperature as per your whims and fancies. The mirror has touch sensors switch control for each function. 

The anti fogger ensures zero water vapors sit on the mirror and provides glare-free and clear reflection consistently.

13.Mavisever Bathroom Mirror

Mavisever Bathroom Mirror
  • Clean brightness
  • Sensitive touch panel
  • Multi-layer packaging
  • Heavy mirror
  • Unsatisfactory CSR

This mirror throws bright neat light so that you can see the brightest details clearly without blinding you.  The high CRI ensures radiant and clear vision. The brightness can be changed from cool white to bright yellow.

The temperature tuning is an awesome feature. The touch panel also works efficiently. The defogger keeps the mirror clean and clear after the shower. The multi-layer padding keeps it safe.

The touch panel is extremely responsive and sensitive which gives you easy control over the lighting. It would look gorgeous over your vanity. You just cannot go wrong with this mirror.

The hanging of the mirror needs to be done carefully with the proper screws and anchors. The provided reinforcements need to be handled properly. It clearly delivers what it advertises.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Mirrors With Lights

Choosing the right mirror lights for your bathroom is really important. That too deciding which ones will light it up for the essentials like makeup and shaving. There are a lot of factors to look for before deciding on the right bathroom mirrors with lights. 

Here are a few things you could consider. 

Color rendering index

CRI or the color rendering index is the ability of light to show the true colors and details of any object with maximum vibrancy and sharpness. The higher the CRI, the higher is the sharpness of the image.

A CRI closer to 80 shall be preferred for an enhanced experience of an object.  Mirrors like Krug LED and the Decoraport Bathroom mirror have a desirable CRI value


An essential feature of these futuristic bathroom mirrors is the anti fogger which automatically removes the vapors and doesn’t let any moisture stay on the mirror surface to give you a glare-free and reflection-free image.

The slightest increase in the temperature of steam in the bathrooms can make the mirrors hazy, but high-grade brands ensure the mirror remains squeaky clean. Thus go for mirrors like Decoraport and Krugg LED with top-notch anti-fogging systems.


The lumen count is directly related to the brightness offered by the LED light fitted in the mirror. The higher the lumen count, the higher is the light output. A high amount of lumens shall be preferred while doing shaving, hair, or makeup because they need to be done with care and precision.


Mirrors come in various shapes and multiple sizes, each according to different bathroom sizes and ambiances. There may be square mirrors, rectangular mirrors, or circle mirrors. Choose the one as per your background walls, tile structure. 


The size may vary according to each user and the area of the bathroom. A taller miller gives you extra height and a better view and a nicer experience. you can aslo have a larger or wider mirror for more viewing space. Again, it totally depends on you and your purpose for installation.

Power Rating

Some mirrors tend to be brighter than others. A mirror with higher power wattage will be more glowy than the one with lesser wattage. The higher the power rating, the higher is the radiance of light.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is measured in Kelvins. Higher the Color temperature range, the ore is the ease of adjustment between different color tones as per different times of the day.

The color temperature range selection also depends on the user’s discretion. Those who prefer whiter light go for higher ranges close to 5000K and those who prefer softer or warmer glow choose the ones with a lesser color temperature close to 25000K.  


A mirror with multiple dimming modes is more favorable and comes in handy when you have to switch it to low light. Mirrors such as Krugg and Maistech offer you multiple dimming levels.


Some mirrors are maybe heavy and not so easy to install by yourself. You may need a technician to fix it for you. The mounting hardware screws and anchors may be hard to figure out and place exactly where they’re supposed to be.


All of these are great choices and are the most trusted mirror globally. Our personal favorite is the Hardware and Outdoor  LED bathroom mirror. The product’s design is flawless, the light tones are perfect, and cause no eye discomfort. They are environmentally friendly and also save a lot of energy and bills eventually.

Hope you found this information useful. Thanks for reading.

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