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How To Choose The Best Light Fixtures For Your Garage?

When we think of a garage, we often just assume it as a place for storage or a place to park our car. However, there are so many different possibilities that we can host a multitude of activities and transform it into whatever we wish. Whether it is used as a workspace/workshop, a recreation hub or a playroom, or simply a storage room, good lighting is indispensable!

The best lighting for your garage would be the one that is bright, efficient, affordable, and safe. After all, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less than the greatest, right? 

From choosing the right type of lighting, to also considering its brightness, efficiency, and dimensions of the garage, it often gets far too confusing and tricky to come upon a decision but fret not, this guide will help answer all your questions and put you at ease.

You need to note that you can’t just stop at one type of lighting for your garage to be well-lit, you need to incorporate all types to serve different purposes. 

1. Types Of Lighting 

There are 3 main types of lighting used in an ideal garage; Ambient, Task, and Accent.

  1. Ambient Lighting: It is a type of low, overhead lighting that helps brighten garage floors and walls, allowing you to safely find your way around it. These are often known as ceiling lights for garage too as they’re place on the ceiling of your garage.
  1. Task Lighting: Task lighting aims to create bright illumination during detail-oriented tasks and projects that require greater visibility. 
  1. Accent Lighting: The brightness of accent lighting stands between ambient and task. It aims to emphasize and put a shine on the highpoints of your garage, for instance, an ancient showpiece, vintage car, or a pool table.

One should always keep all 3 categories in mind for selecting and positioning garage light fixtures. 

2. Brightness

Good garage lighting should illuminate every nook and corner of the space. Previously, the brightness of a bulb was determined by the number of watts it used to consume, but now it is determined by lumens. 

We no longer use wattage/watts to deduce the brightness of a bulb because it calculates energy consumption instead of light output. 

You must be wondering what lumens are? It’s a measure of the total amount of light released by a source per unit of time. 

The brightest light fixture is the one which has the maximum lumens and generally, a bulb which has 3500 or more lumens is considered to be optimal for your garage. Ambient lighting should be 50 lumens per square foot, task lighting should be 300 lumens per square foot and accent lighting should be 75 lumens per square foot, as suggested by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

3. Energy Efficiency 

Correct me if I’m wrong but all of you love saving money on bills, right? Well, fortunately, in this case, just swapping from incandescent bulbs for LED equivalents will lift a huge burden from your pockets!! 

LEDs use diode light which is way more efficient than filament light. They use 75% less energy than incandescent lights. They are also free from mercury and harmful UV rays so they are ideal for both the environment and you. 

While choosing an energy-saving lighting system, make sure to always choose ones with Energy Star Certification. 

4. Choosing Bulbs With High Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

Color rendering index is used to measure the ability of a light source to reveal colors of objects in contrast to a natural source for instance; sunlight filtering in through your window. Simply put, it’s the measurement of light with how it affects the appearance of the color. 

You must make sure to choose a light bulb that has a cri of 85 or above to ensure that it shows the colors of woodwork, paint, and other objects you’re working on realistically. 

5. Choosing T5 Or T8 Fluorescent Or Led Bulbs 

Apart from the traditional pear-shaped bulbs, LEDs, and Fluorescent bulbs also come as tube-shaped. They come in different dimensions such as T5 (5/8 INCHES), T8 (8/8 INCHES), AND T12 (12/8 INCHES) 

When you choose a tube-shaped bulb, corroborate that it is either T5 or T8 since they are more energy-efficient than T12. Also, they are equipped with electronic ballasts or transformers which aids in reducing any type of flickering especially when the garage temperature goes down below 5o degrees. 

6. Color Temperature 

Color temperature( correlated color temperature or CCT) is a gauge of how yellow or blue the color of the light emitted from a light bulb appears. 

The brightest garage lights are the ones that have a Kelvin temperature between the range of 4000k – 7000k

If you purchase lights that have a lower temperature, it will make your garage seem wearisome. To set a beautiful atmosphere and ambiance, go with lights that have a higher temperature. 

7. Ease Of Installation

All this time spent on buying the right type of fixture, you wouldn’t want it to damage in the installation process, right? 

Ensure that the type you choose comes with all the accessories required for installation and with a clear instruction manual. Try to opt for lights that come with chains for hanging or the ones that you can easily mount on surfaces.

8. Lifespan 

It is beyond a doubt that choosing a bulb with a good lifespan will always be a good choice. Always assure that you’re checking the date before purchasing and choose bulbs that have a longer life. This will help minimize both replacement and maintenance costs.


We have seen there are a plethora of lighting options with a multitude of different sizes, colors, and brightness. Investing in garage light fixtures is a big decision but it is necessary and you should remember to keep all these factors in mind before finalizing your purchase.

Choosing the perfect light will help completely transform your garage and create unparalleled illumination. 

A well-lit garage will undoubtedly look much bigger and much brighter!!

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