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How To Rewire a Lamp? (DIY)

Lamps have always been a life-saver for almost everyone in this world. Whether it is for illumination purposes or just for decorative purposes, it will always be a good bet to invest in a beautiful lamp.

But lamps can sometimes stop working for some reason, and you can repair them quickly without professional assistance. You can always buy replacement parts that are readily available in stores to repair your lamps. If the lamp starts flickering or stops working by any means, you can buy a rewiring kit and replace the wires and be good as new. Let’s read below how to rewire a lamp properly.

How to rewire a Lamp? 

Tool that will be required

  • Wire Cutter
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Lamp Rewiring Kit
  • Electrical Tape
  • Towels

Before you start:

  1. Keep in mind that you should have a good light source.
  2. Turn off the main power and unplug the lamp.
  3. Remove the bulb from the lamp.

The finial has to be unscrewed from the top for the lampshade to be lifted off.

Step 1 : Remove the harp and the Protective Base

The first step is to remove the harp and the Lamp’s Protective Base. The harp is the metal stanchion around the lightbulb that holds the lampshade. Gently push the two ends together and pull them straight upward to remove the harp.

The protective base that almost all the lamps have to protect the tables and the floor needs to be removed. The protective base can be removed by carefully prying them off from the bottom of the lamp.

Step 2 : Unscrew the Socket

Loosen the screw of the socket carefully with the help of a screwdriver. The screw is usually placed at the side of the socket. After removing the screw from the socket, unscrew the socket anticlockwise and leave the socket in its place.

Step 3 : Cut the Electrical Wire

Cut off the electrical wire

Cut off the electrical wire with a wire cutter at the bottom of the lamp. Leave an extra two inches of wire when cutting the rest. Pull out the socket and attached the wire while holding the socket.

Step 4 : Remove the shell

Open the shell of the outer metal socket to expose the inner socket. Next, remove the shell of the socket from the socket.

Step 5 : Insert the new cord

Insert the new electrical cord through the center post of the lamp. Make sure to keep at least six inches of wire extending at the center post’s other end so that there is a lot of space to work on. Tie them into a knot to secure them.

Step 6 : Attach the new wires to the terminals

Using a screwdriver, attach the exposed wires to the new socket’s terminals. With the help of a wire stripper, strip the ends of the wires if they are not exposed.

The socket usually has a silver-colored and a brass-colored screw. Neutral wires are the silver-colored screws, and the hot wires are the brass colored ones.

Step 7 : Reassemble them back together

The socket shell has to reassemble around the socket, and the socket must have to screw on to the lamp. From the bottom of the lamp, any excess cords that might be there have to be pulled out. The next thing to do is replacing the harp and then replacing the protective base at the bottom of the lamp. It is also advised to glue the protective base to the bottom of the lamp.

How to rewire a Lamp – Video Tutorial

The Different Types Of Lamps

There are varieties of lamps that you can choose from. Some of the most popular types of lamps are given down below :

different types of lamps

Standard Lamps – The first type of lamp is standard lamps. They are the most common types of lamps but are also very popular. These lamps have a basic design that is a tall body with a cylindrical lampshade.

Desk Lamps – The second type that we will talk about are the desk lamps. These lamps, as the name suggests, are used for reading and working purposes. They usually are LED lights and are designed to focus light on a specific area.

Buffet Lamps – Buffet Lamps are mainly used for decorative purposes. They are usually placed on an end table, take up significantly less space, and illuminate a smaller area.

Torchiere – Torchiere lamps are designed to shape the shape of the lamp’s body, and its lampshade directs light upwards and resembles a torch.

Floor Lamps – Floor Lamps are tall standing lamps commonly placed in the corner of a room. They emit light from a raised source and can illuminate the whole room. They’re really useful for people with macular degeneration.


Rewiring a lamp is an easy task, and you will save a lot of your money by choosing to repair the damage rather than buying an entirely new lamp. Also, rewiring the lamp on your own will cut down on the cost of hiring a professional.

Lamps provide authenticity and beauty to any room that it is placed in, and it is usually a good idea to take care of them as any other household item. Buying a lamp and adding more light to your room can make an effective change in your health and also your mood. Investing in a beautiful lamp and placing them strategically in your house will add value to your home.

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