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How to Install Outdoor Flood Lights in Your Home?

Installing Flood Lights outside your home is an easy way to secure your house from intruders or burglars. They emit bright light and enhance the look of your house and also increase visibility at night.

You do not have to be a professional to install flood lights outside your house. You can easily install them without hiring a professional electrician. Knowing how to install them will help you get familiar with the process. Installing the floodlights on your own will let you get first-hand knowledge about the various wires and where they should be connected. You can avoid hiring a professional and cut down on your total expense.

Let’s first take a look at what Flood Lights are.

What are Outdoor Floodlights?

Outdoor Floodlights are artificial lights that have a high-intensity beam. They are used to illuminate big stadiums as they emit a vast beam of light. They are also used by people to light the exterior of their houses. It lightens up dark areas to keep them safe from burglars and intruders.

Requirements to Install Outdoor Floodlights

Here are some things that you will require while installing Outdoor Floodlights :

  • Air Caulk Guns
  • Voltage Tester
  • Wire Connectors
  • Wire Terminals
  • Electrical Tape
  • Caulk and Sealants
  • Landscape Floodlights

Step 1: Choosing the Location

Where to Install Floodlights

The first step is to choose a location to install your outdoor floodlight. It is advised to mount your floodlights up along the roofline. This way, the bright lights can illuminate a more extensive area and prevent it from being tampered with. The floodlights should be angled in a position that will lighten up the top portion of your yard or lane.

If you’re installing them to light up your backyard, you should choose buying floodlights for trees for the maximum output in your garden.

Step 2: Shut the power off

Shut the power off

After choosing the desired location to install the floodlights, the next step is to shut the main power off. Turn off the breaker that is connected to the main power. Make sure to check twice just to be sure.

Step 3: Connecting it to power

Connecting to Power

The next step is to run your wire to the nearest plug outlet. For this, pull the outlet out from the electric box. Open the cover of the outlet. Connect the black wires to the black connectors, the white wires to the white connectors, and the green wires to the green ones. Put the cover of the outlet back on.

After the wire connections have been made, run the wire through the place where you are installing your floodlights, insert the wire through the electric box, and fix the floodlight on the electric box.

Step 4: Sealing the rubber gasket

Remember to seal the rubber gasket around the edges. This will help prevent moisture from seeping through the floodlights to avoid the risk of a short circuit further.

Step 4: Adjusting the floodlights

Adjusting the light

Finally, turn the power back on to test your newly installed floodlight. Check if they are working correctly and adjust them according to your needs. Adjust the projection angle to make sure it lights up the maximum area.

Benefits of Outdoor Floodlights

  1. It provides safety and security from thieves or burglars.
  2. Helps to increase visibility after dark.
  3. Creates an inviting and warm ambiance outside.
  4. Enhances the overall look of your house.

Tips to remember when buying Outdoor floodlights


One of the most important factors to consider before buying a floodlight is its durability. It would be best if you always opted for floodlights that can withstand harsh climates. The lights should withstand rain and snow if you typically live in places that experience snowfall or rainfall.


Another thing to consider is the size of the lights. Floodlights are also used to light up big stadiums. You wouldn’t want a light that big. Choose a floodlight that will enhance the look of your house at night when it lights up.


The next to look out for when choosing the lights is their brightness. You might want to choose a light that is neither too bright nor too dim. Choose a light that will light a large area and will cover most of your outdoor walking space.


You should choose a light that will give you maximum utility. Choose an energy-efficient light that will be durable for a longer time.

Things to remember when installing Flood Lights (Caution)

  • Remember to properly disconnect the power at the fuse or circuit breaker before installing the floodlights.
  • Make sure the supply voltage is correct. Connect the fixture to a 100 VAC – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz power source.
  • Keep in mind that you should never install the floodlights near any combustible or flammable surfaces.
  • Never use an aluminum or steel ladder when installing the floodlights.
  • If you are using LED Floodlights, do not stare directly into the LED beam to prevent your eyes from getting damaged.

LED Flood Lights

In recent times, LED Flood Lights have become immensely popular instead of the old conventional floodlights. Here are some reasons why LED Floodlights are considered better than standard floodlights : 

  • LED Floodlights provide better light because they have a higher number of lumens, making them appear far brighter than traditional floodlights. 
  • They are cost-effective and have meager maintenance costs. 
  • They are environment-friendly because they do not contain carbon, mercury, lead, or glass.
  • They are long-lasting and thus reduce the hassle of replacing bulbs every now and then. 



Use a soft dry cloth to clean your floodlight. Avoid using any chemical cleaners or abrasives.


Installing Floodlights is an easy process if you remember to take all the cautionary measures while installing them. Installing Floodlights can be a good investment for you to drive away intruders and secure your homes. 

Alternatively, you can call in licensed professionals if you do not have experience handling electric appliances or wires properly. At the end of the day, you have to choose to stay safe and protected.

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