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How to build a Floor Lamp | DIY Floor Lamp

Floor Lamps have gained immense popularity over time because they give off a bright light and help to add beauty to the room it is placed in. These lamps are very versatile and are easy to install. They come in different shapes and sizes and come with adjustable lights that help you change the intensity of the light.

Building a floor lamp is very easy, and unlike other kinds of lights, they can be moved easily and are often lightweight. You can build a floor lamp easily with materials that can be found in your home and can skip the process of hiring a professional to build it for you.

What are Floor Lamps?

Floor Lamps are tall standing lamps that are often placed in the corner of the room. They come in a wide variety of designs and styles.

How to build a floor lamp

Building a Wooden Floor Lamp is easy, and it looks beautiful in any corner it is placed in. Let’s see how you can build a very economical Wooden Floor Lamp from scratch : 

Things you will need

  1. A Measuring Tape
  2. Pencil
  3. Wood Glue
  4. Two-Wire Fences
  5. White Cardboard paper
  6. Black Fibre Net
  7. A hollow box
  8. A Bulb

Step 1: Connecting the tripod legs.

Connecting the tripod legs

Using long bolts, connect the upper part of the tripod legs to a small hollow box.

Step 2: Drilling the middle of the box

Drilling the middle of the box

Drill the middle of the hollow box to put the bulb inside the box.

Step 3: Angling the legs

It would be best if you angled the tripod to connect them to the lampshade. Please make sure the angles are perfect in order to make them firm and steady at the base.

Step 4: Building a steady base

Use three small sticks of equal length to make the base of the lamp. It would be best if you placed these sticks some inches above the end of the legs. Glue the sticks horizontally, between each leg of the tripod. These sticks will add more stability to the floor lamp.

Step 5: Making the lampshade

Use two wire fences, one slightly bigger than the other. The bigger net will be used on the inside, and the smaller ones will be used on the outside. Cut both the nets and attach the ends of the nets with metal wires to give them a circular shape. Even out the edges to prevent the wires from harm.

Step 6: Wrapping the nets

Wrap the inner net with the outer net and attach them using metal wires.

Wrap a black fiber net and wrap it around the wire nets. Wrap it enough until the inner wires aren’t visible anymore.

Step 7: Adding white paper inside the lampshade

Adding white paper inside the lampshade

In order for the light to reflect and be seen from all sides, you need to add white cardboard paper inside the lampshade.

Step 8: Assemble everything. 

Assemble the lampshade and the tripod legs. Place the lampshade above the wooden tripod.

Step 9: Add a Switch

Add a Switch

Add a switch to your newly made floor lamp to turn it on and off.

Types of Floor Lamps

Types of Floor Lamps

There are a variety of Floor Lamps that you can buy from. Each Floor lamp gives a different kind of beauty to your home. Various Floor lamps have different types of lighting and style. Let’s look at some of the types of floor lamps that are commonly available :

  • Torcherie – These lamps are the most popular because of their unique design. These lamps have a distinctive shape that is similar to a ‘torch’ hence the name. These slender lamps take up very little space and have a vintage look.
  • Club Lamps – Club Lamps resemble traditional lamps and are still very popular. They have a sleek structure and have a minimalistic design.
  • Swing Arm Lamp – These lamps can be adjusted to one’s needs as they have a choice to adjust the position of the fixture and change the angle of illumination. You can change the angle of the lamp and adjust it to your needs.
  • Six-way Floor Lamp – Six-way floor lamps have a high lighting capacity that is further supplemented by four surrounding bulbs. You can choose to light all the bulbs or only the three-way bulbs according to your needs.
  • Pharmacy Floor Lamp – Pharmacy Floor lamps have a small build allowing you to carry them easily. They have an adjustable lamp head that you can move in any direction. You can also change the height of the lamp because of the adjustable pole of the lamp.

Benefits of having a Floor Lamp

  • Easy to move around

Floor Lamps are trendy because of their versatile nature. They can be moved around easily and are lightweight.

  • Variety

Floor Lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are plenty of options that you can choose from until you find the one best suited for you.

  • Ambience

A floor lamp can quickly set the mood of an area. Floor Lamps with yellow lights can make a room look cozy and inviting.

  • Aesthetic

 With all the different kinds of floor lamps available, you can easily find a lamp that adds beauty to your living area. A beautiful floor lamp will instantly increase the aesthetic of your room.

  • Brightening the area

A Floor Lamp will quickly brighten up a dark corner. Floor lamps provide additional lighting in the area it is placed. The light will end up giving a beautiful glow and enhance the beauty of the room.


It all comes down to your personal preference when choosing a Floor Lamp. You can always build your own Floor Lamp from scratch if you do not wish to buy them because we all can agree that they can be quite costly sometimes.

Whatever you choose to do, you can be sure that they will change the room’s mood when placed in it. Big or small, bought or built, they will add a special touch to space.

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