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7 Best Brightest Floor Lamps To Light A Room – Reviews + Buying Guide [2021]

Floor lamps are good and all but not if they don’t illuminate your room perfectly. This is why we recommend getting the best and most popular brightest floor lamps to light up your room.

But there can be too many options to choose from in the market and you might be a little confused about buying the perfect product.

If you are one of the confused buyers, here’s a detailed guide of the best brightest floor lamps in the market you could ask for. Among the many I tested, Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp stood out among the rest of them. Read along to know why.

Here is a  quick pros and cons list and summary of every product we’ve reviewed and used. Happy reading!

7 Brightest Floor Lamps to Light a Room

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp
  • 3-year warranty
  • Naturalistic color tone
  • Complements every interior
  • Sturdy base
  • LEDs cannot be replaced

The Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp is the first item on our list of bright floor lamps. The beautiful Brightech LED floor lamp looks quite modern and sophisticated. The slim and tall lamp fits into any tiny room easily and lightens it up like a pro. The chic look complements every type of interior and decor.

The light is cool and soft and not like the halogens which heat up space pretty quickly and cause eye fatigue too. Thus, it does the job pretty well without being too much into your face. The glow is subtle and realistic, unlike most LEDs which give out an ugly blue tint glow.

The head stays cool even after long hours of usage due to great heat dissipation. The lamp puts out a substantial amount of light and lightens up the entire room perfectly. Also, you get three different dimming options to adjust the lighting as per your needs with the help of a very responsive touch sensor.

Talking about durability, the Brightech lamp is well made and the quality speaks for itself. The base is pretty stable and doesn’t wobble or tip at all. The brand promises over 3 years of full product warranty. The only downside we found is that the LEDs are not replaceable.

Taotronics LED lamp

Taotronics LED lamp
  • Memory feature
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Adjustable height
  • Versatile
  • Power button glows even after turning the lamp off

The Taotronics lamps are generally known for their versatility and heavy-duty performance. This lamp is quite slim and streamlined and a perfect addition to urban home decor.

The installation and assembling are easy and straightforward. This ergonomic lamp is very easy to operate. The touch-sensitive panel allows you to change the brightness levels easily. The switches activate as soon as they are lightly touched.

The lamps’ height is adjustable and the neck can be freely tilted to any angle and spot you want. The neck bends easily and doesn’t get distorted or ugly after bending.

The color temperatures are great and the brightness settings allow you to work comfortably any tie of the day. The versatile lamp can be used for knitting, studying, sewing, in makeup studios, crafting. The weighted base adds to the stability of the lamp.

The memory function is another exceptional feature Taotronics offers you. It continues from the last brightness setting you left it at with a smart outlet. The lightweight lamp is easy to transport and carry around.

The only downside we find is that the power button glows even after turning it off so that may be an issue for people who are light-sensitive and cannot sleep with the light on. Otherwise, it’s a powerful lamp which caters to all your needs.

Dodoccol Floor Lamp

Dodoccol Floor Lamp
  • A perfect blend of tones
  • Slim and tall
  • Versatile
  • Causes no eye fatigue
  • Too bright when on the highest setting.

The slim adn tall Dodocool floor lamp is fantastic. The simple design contributes to great functionality. The remotely controllable lamp is easy to operate and manage.

The light glow is soft and subtle.

The illumination is great for bedside, chairside, or even a home library for a reading corner. Especially if you are light-sensitive and want lesser eye fatigue, you may switch to this lamp for sure.

It is much more efficient than regular lamps and halogens and doesn’t break the bank. There are separate predefined buttons for predefined settings. There are separate modes for reading, office, and relaxing. The ease to switch between different light color temperatures is incomparable.

The only issue is that the lightweight lamp doesn’t have a steady base so it may tip over and we may not recommend it if you have kids or pets at home. It can cause accidental heat hazards.

Nevertheless, the light is a perfectly balanced blend of warm and cool and easily adjustable. The highest settings are way too bright and we recommend limiting the eye exposure when on the highest setting.

Joofo floor lamp

Joofo floor lamp
  • Realistic light
  • Easy to operate
  • Chic look
  • 350 Degree rotatable head
  • None

The Joofo floor lamp is one of the two sellers on Amazon. It is dimmable and has multiple brightness settings. It is a great addition to your living room and bedroom. The gorgeous torchiere lamp is a great addition to your house.

 The smart lamp is energy efficient and gives your room a nice makeover. The round-shaped base is quite steady and wobble-free. It provides a good solution when looking for a great light to read, write, craft, or simply relax.

The 150-watt bulb sucks lesser power and saves your bills. Also, the high-grade metal quality is quite durable. The memory feature is another great quality of this lamp. It resumes from the last brightness setting you left it at.

The 3000-5000K range 3 color temperature options and lets you switch between them via the easy control panel. The lamp head can be swiveled easily and rotated up to 350 degrees to focus it anywhere you like. 

The lighting creates a balanced and light ambiance perfect for movies and dinner dates. Also, it is compatible with AI assistants like Alexa. So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

Brightech Halo split Modern Torchier Lamp

Brightech Halo split Modern Torchier Lamp
  • Suits every interior
  • Capable of mood and task lighting
  • Safe when pets and children are around
  • Steady base
  • May start flickering after long usage

The Brightech Halo split LED lamp is quite illuminating ad covers the entire room. This floor lamp produces enough illumination to cover a big area. The modern look of the lap definitely catches eyeballs and wins the appreciation

The 30-watt power-saving fixtures save energy and don’t increase your bills. Also unlike traditional maps and halogens, it doesn’t heat up and causes heat hazards.

The rotatable head lets you focus the light on any area you like. There are three dimmer settings you can choose from as per your lighting and mood needs. The SKY LED Torchiere meets your lighting needs and produces substantial light throughout the day.

The body of the lamp is well modeled and the construction isn’t flimsy at all. The amp doesn’t tip or wobble easily. The split LED gives you impressive 3000K illumination and is right for every activity. The on/off buttons are easy to operate and the extension cord is pretty long so that you can plug it in with ease.

It is ideal for a hobby room, craft room, dining room, or for your living room too. The brand claims over 20000 hours of life which is incredible and you can blindly rely on the quality because Brightech never fails to surprise and impress its clients.

Otdair Floor lamp

Otdair Floor lamp
  • Subtle lighting
  • Well packaged and easy assembly
  • Slender look
  • Dust-resistant lampshade
  • None

The classic-looking Otdair floor lamp adds elegance to your interiors. The linen lampshade doesn’t catch the dust quickly and is water-resistant. The shade gives a neutral white tone illumination.

The lamp has multi-purpose usage and can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms to give it the ideal accent lighting. The additional benefit of having this lamp is the footswitch to turn it on/off.

The lamp body is tall and slender and fits anywhere easily. This remote-controllable lamp is easy to use and transport. The lampshade is moderately bright and gives you sufficient illumination to read, write and study. Also, it is a nice lamp to have in your dining or living area.

The Otdair floor lamp arrives well packaged and the assembling is pretty basic and the instructions are self-explanatory. The lamp gives off feel-good lighting which lifts up your mood instantly. If you use light therapy as a means to cope with depression or anxiety, we totally recommend this lampshade!

Miroco Floor lamp

Miroco Floor lamp
  • Adjustable height
  • Efficient and quick responding sensors
  • Remote controllable
  • Sleep timer
  • Heavy stand

This two-headed lamp is a remotely controllable lamp that is very easy to assemble and use. With more than fifteen color temperature adjustments and over four brightness settings, this lamp would totally amaze you. 

The brightness levels are great for all-day activities like reading or sewing or crafting while you can also enjoy dining and relaxing under this light’s soft glow. You can turn it to bright white on a dark cloudy day or dim it on a sunny day. The lamp is enabled with touch sensors which are quickly responsive and very sensitive. Turning it on/off is super convenient. 

The lamp works great at all brightness settings and gives warm, ultra-bright white and yellow light as per your needs. The lamp is also very petite and fits into any corner of the house easily. The flexible gooseneck allows you to adjust the beam of light on any area you want with the least trouble and irritation.

Coming to the lamp’s aesthetics, it is a very modern and chic-looking product that amps up the room curb appeal automatically. The assembling is easy and precise. The three rods are provided to set up the heavy stand.

The auto timer feature works effectively and comes in handy when you forget to shut it down and sleep. The sturdy product is made of high-grade alloy which guarantees its long-term durability.

The adjustable height is a bonus that allows you to work while sitting or leaning or lounging on your couch. The freely swivel head will let you do work with 100 percent focus. Overall, it’s a great lamp and we highly recommend it for its multi-purpose usage and features.

Buying Guide of The Best Brightest Floor Lamps

These floor lamps are some of the most trusted and best-selling lamps on Amazon. We have highlighted their pros and cons and filtered out the relevant data for you. If you are puzzled by a large number of lamps and still don’t know how to choose the one for you, we have made a list of factors for you to ensure.

A great floor lamp is characterized by good metal quality, great heat dissipation, power efficiency, wattage, and many other things. Let us have a look:

Purpose of installation:

A floor lamp comes in handy when you need accent or mood lighting or for creating ambient lighting. It amplifies the curb appeal of the space and also enhances lighting throughout the room. The above-listed lamps have multiple uses and you may use the one as per your personal references and uses.

Type of lamp:

1. Classic

The classic type of lamps include a lampshade and have rounded or rectangular bases with a bulb on top of the pole. They are great for bedrooms and living rooms and are designed for area lighting.

2. Tree

The tree lamps have multiple arms and branched tentacles. They have multiple lighting fixtures and provide broad coverage besieged in making a design statement. The multiple arms give you widespread lighting and drive your creative juices simultaneously. 

3. Arc

The arc lamp head is very flexible and adjustable. They can be swiveled easily and positioned as per your choice and made to focus on a smaller area for intensified focus. These have ubiquitous designs for softly radiating the light.

4. Torchiere

The torchiere lamps have their heads upwards or rounded heads which point upwards and are great for ceiling illumination in smaller spaces. These are very popular and have upright torch-like shapes. There are torchieres available in many shapes. You may choose the right one as per your surroundings.

They provide general lighting and take up minimal space. Before buying a torchiere make sure it fits your requirements and is equipped with multiple dimming modes.


Most floor lamps have the best LED lights which save energy and power and reduce your electricity bills, thus also help in conserving the environment.

Switch Types

Most floor lamps have knobs to turn them on off. Some food lamps offer you adjustable light levels. These lamps are suitable when you place your lamp near your couch or desk. Footswitches are convenient for living rooms and other spaces. Just make sure the lamp is placed safely.

Bulb Types

Most floor lamps are compatible with LEDs which save up to 70% Of your power when compared to traditional bulbs or halogens. Also, there are lamps that are compatible with AI assistants like Alexa or Google Home. These are a little expensive than the regular types.


Most lamps come with a basic one-year warranty but if you want the lamp to stay with you in the long run, go for the ones which offer an extendable warranty or a two-year plus warranty.

Color temperature modes 

A lot of floor lamps offer multiple brightness and color temperature modes. You can switch between modes as per your comfort and lighting needs. We personally recommend the Taotronics, Brightech LED and Brightech halo split lamp because they give you a wide range of brightness adjustment moods.


You need to ensure that you need a tall lamp or a short one for your purpose. A taller lamp may give sparse coverage and a short one may give more intense coverage.

Also, make sure the lamp holds up well and is easy to fit in any space you want. Its construction shall be robust and the base shall be not prone to tipping at all. For example, you might need a lamp for high ceilings, that’s where the height comes into play.


Floor lamps are large-sized lamps and thus need more space than regular table lamps. The lighting effect is similar to that of a ceiling light. They are tall and amplify the room’s ambiance.

According to our research and reading the reviews, we have decided our winner. Speaking of its affordable price, and high versatility, the Taotronics floor lamp is our favorite. Its great wattage, unobtrusive design, and light output make it quite versatile and powerful.

You get four color temperature modes and also, a three-year warranty which guarantees its long life. It can be used in your home, or outdoor patio, office, and it makes the lighting cozy and comfortable.


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