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10 Best Reading Lamps For Elderly – Reviews + Buying Guide [2021]

Looking for the best reading lamps for elderly? This might be the article you were looking for.

People suffer a good deal of health related issues with age. When a person reaches old age, they suffer specific problems related to eyes. The vision of an elder is highly affected because of several factors such as glaucoma, presbyopia, macular degeneration, diabetic eye diseases, temporal arteritis, dry eye syndrome and cataract.

In such times there is a need for reading lights for elderly with suitable luminaires which are best suited for eyes.

Let us explore these lighting lamp options and find out which lamps are best suited for elders. List is focusing specifically on the needs of elderly users.

Best Reading Lamps for Elderly Reviewed

1. Miroco LED Floor Lamp with 5 Brightness Levels

Miroco LED Floor Lamp with 5 Brightness Levels
  • Durable light
  • You save money for this light
  • Easy to handle equipment
  • Adjustable height
  • Illuminates without glare in night time
  • Dangling power cord may be annoying sometimes

Miroco LED floor lamp is a very good option for a lamp as it has 5 brightness levels with 3 colour temperatures. Other features of this lamp are that it is 1815 Lumens with adjustable LED lights. It is also a dimmable reading standing lamp.

The adjustable colours and brightness: 3 colours with warm white, natural white and cool white as options. The 5 brightness levels are 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% which can be chosen according to one’s need. Overall there are 15 different lighting sets according to requirements.

Installation method is easy with removable aluminium rods. Height is adjustable of the lamp which is suitable for different scenarios. The adjustable gooseneck is an added advantage. The best part is also the long-lasting energy saving feature of 12 W LED with 1815 Lumens of brightness.

It is sturdier, durable, adjustable, energy saving with options of adjusting brightness. With all these pros any elder would feel at ease by using this lamp.

2. Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Reading Light

Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Reading Light
  • Finely adjustable
  • Rechargeable and durable
  • Brightness levels well suited for night time
  • Compact
  • Reasonable price
  • Product may heat after a long use

Vekkia rechargeable headlight is a good competition to regular floor and table lamps. Its 3 brightness levels are suitable for reading as well as illumination over wide areas. Equipped with 2 LEDs on each head keeping eyes strain free and giving comfortable reading settings.

The main feature it carries is the flexible neckband which focuses on what you are doing instead of keeping you busy with its adjustment all the time. The neck has soft silicon comfortable surface arms.

It is a long-lasting light with 700 MAH Li-ion rechargeable battery. This gives a life span of 1000 cycles equivalent to 3000 AAA batteries. Save money and save energy. All of these battery features result in 7-40 hour wireless reading time. One can also choose this lamp to knit and do craft.

Users find it as an excellent product which works well, adjustable, rechargeable, multipurpose usage and over all great product qualities. It gets heated sometimes, which can be solved by not putting it on bare skin.

Elders will find it very useful while navigating details on any object and reading.

3. TaoTronics TT-DL16 Metal LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics TT-DL16 Metal LED Desk Lamp
  • Multi step dimmer adjusting brightness
  • Easy controls and rotation
  • Memory function and auto timer functions are great
  • Uniform light distribution
  • USB port works as any good power adapter
  • Reasonable flexibility
  • Lamp can only be switched on by touch switch
  • Noise from lamp at high brightness 

TaoTronics LED desk lamp is another option with 5 unique colour lights and 6 custom levels of brightness. This lamp comes with USB charging which makes it easy to use with built in 5 V/2 A USB output.

This lamp can give illumination with 4 rotation axes such as up-down or left-right for optimized lighting and multi angle adjustments. The brightness mode is adjustable (memory feature). The switch is straightforward touch controlled, hence giving it an extra edge. One hour auto off timer saves electricity.

It is a 550 Lumens adequate desk lamp. It works on the multi volt with 27 LED bulbs with excellent durability. The desk lamp looks sleek and versatile with multi colour temperatures that is 2700 – 6500 K and brightness settings.

User reviews are terrific where they find it reliable, long term usage, adjustable brightness, and reasonably priced lamp as its best features. With all these features it makes an excellent choice for the elderly to use it regularly in their daily lives.

4. Brightech Dylan Farmhouse Floor Lamp

Brightech Dylan Farmhouse Floor Lamp
  • Virtual AI compatible, Alexa and Siri can control
  • Vintage rustic aesthetic looking lamp
  • Dimmable reading
  • Durable for a substantial time
  • Assembly is relatively easy
  • It is not sturdy enough for its build
  • Cord is unsightly for more than half of the lamp length

Brightech Dylan is an aesthetically good-looking lamp which can easily be placed anywhere. Be it beside a couch, bedroom, and living room or even in any corner of your home. It has rustic décor which makes it look like an expensive lamp.

The lamp has adjustable pole lamp shade which can be adjusted to 180 degrees. This focuses the light beam downward for reading. It gives a soft glow which is suited for a comfortable peaceful ambiance.

A unique feature of this lamp is that it can be assisted by virtual AI assistance such as Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google home assistant. Brightech Dylan lamp is such a great example of making your home technologically modern.

This lamp comes with a 3-year product warranty along with 20 year bulb life. This lamp can handle 100 W bulbs which is replaceable.

Users have found this lamp well-manufactured with a heavy base making it unlikely to tip. The price for the lamp is balanced with the features it can offer.

5. Natural Therapy Sunlight Desk Lamp

Natural Therapy Sunlight Desk Lamp
  • Lamp illumination is great because it causes no strain in the eyes
  • Reasonably easy installation
  • Durability of the lamp parts is good
  • Design is flexible
  • Lamp light does not distort monitor illumination 
  • Adjustable arm is short
  • Bulbs need replacement many times
  • Light is not adjustable as the neck has limited angles

Natural therapy sunlight desk lamp justifies its name as it provides natural sunlight like lighting in the room which is best suited for eyes. As elders should prefer natural lighting which does not cause strain to their eyes, this lamp does the trick. Bulb is of 150 watt providing this light.

It has a conveniently accessible on/off switch which is situated just below the light bulb. The bulb of the lamp is easily replaceable which provides natural light brightness but can not be dimmed.

Another feature of this lamp is that its gooseneck is adjustable in multi direction making it ideal for elders to use. Lamp size is large when you compare with the all size of the complete desk lamp.

Users found that it could be used for a decade with little maintenance and it is very easily assembled. The brightness of the lamp does not overshadow the lights from devices such as laptops and so the monitor light is easily distinguishable. One can even say that it works as an inexpensive therapy for its users.  

6. Brightech Lightview Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Lamp

Brightech Lightview Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Lamp
  • Durability and solid construction
  • Sensitive controls for brightness
  • Magnifier of lamp is good for detail oriented purposes
  • Adjustable arms directing light
  • 800 lumens luminous flux of light
  • Lamp does not have gooseneck
  • Irreplaceable LEDs
  • Lamp is difficult to move

Brightech Light view Pro 6 is designed as a magnifier lamp for close up focus which would be really helpful to elders while reading. Magnifier is 1.75X. It helps the vision for aging eyes or even for macular degeneration of an eye.

The feature this lamp boasts about its bright and dimmable magnifying light quality. This lamp is even comfortable for the use of professionals such as aestheticians. As this lamp provides good focus it can be used for reading, crocheting, quilting, knitting, and sewing. This lamp helps elders to enjoy hobbies and at the same time reduce eye strain or headaches.

This lamp is easily portable. Its arm can be pivoted easily without holding the lamp. It is colour adjusting. The LEDs used in the lamp are durable and can last 20 years and save energy.

Users have found his product especially useful for specific purposes like aesthetician or optician. The variable lighting options and dimmer features are good. The base of the lamp is weighted with wheels. The neck is flexible which is strong and solidly designed.

7. IMIGY Dimmable 9W Floor Lamp

IMIGY Dimmable 9W Floor Lamp
  • Lightweight, easily moveable and stable lamp
  • Design is unobtrusive in the room settings
  • Compact lamp
  • Setup was easy and quick
  • Remote controlled
  • Touch sensitive switch
  • Lamp has thin and fragile wiring
  • Irreplaceable bulb
  • Brightness is not apt for detail oriented work

IMIGY dimmable floor lamps can easily remote control temperature and brightness. The 5 brightness levels can allow comfortable lighting with 5 different colour settings ranging from 3000 K to 6500 K. IMGY dimmable floor lamp is a convenient lamp with simple design.

The unique feature of IMGY lamp is that it is remote controlled. You can change any settings without moving around. The dimmable controlled illumination gives a warm lighting in the room. It also comes with touch sensitive switches with ratings of 20%, 50% and 100%. The assembly of the lamp was easy with a user-friendly pole.

The lamp base is heavy which makes it stable without worrying about tipping. Elders can sit beside their bedside under its warm light comfortably and operate without many movements.

Users of this lamp were impressed by its design which makes it almost invisible in the room settings. The lamp is easily handled and the base came with a non-slip grip of rubber making it stable on the slippery floor.

8. Original Mighty Bright NuFlex Clip on Book Light Reading Light

Original Mighty Bright NuFlex Clip on Book Light Reading Light
  • Easily portable and multi purpose
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Light can be clipped on the book
  • Reasonably priced
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Durability is not high
  • Brightness levels are limited

Mighty bright Nuflex is a rechargeable reading light which works perfectly for reading purposes. The battery of this light provides 35 Lumens of adjustable brightness. The AAA battery can be charged by a micro USB port.

The lighting Nuflex can give desired brightness with 3 dimmable levels. The light omitted from it is evenly distributed around its beam area. The Nuflex light has a strong grip clip and is made up of soft touch silicone. The neck of the light is flexible and adjustable.

The LED used in this reading lighting is high colour rendering index LEDs which shines like natural light. The light is minimally distorted with vibrant colours.

Users found this reading light to be portable, lightweight, and multipurpose. You can use it anywhere like a music stand, use it for traveling, art, crafts and as a computer light when required. Unlike most LEDs, the light was warm instead of being bright. It was easily flexible and sturdy. The light beam was easy to direct in the desired direction with optimum brightness.

9. BenQ Genie LED desk lamp

BenQ Genie LED desk lamp
  • Evenly distributed light without glare
  • Arm of the lamp is stable
  • Dimness and colour range are great with powerful lighting
  • Soft touch control
  • Adjustable light
  • There are no charge ports
  • Price of the lamp might be high
  • Negative
  • Shaky arm

BenQ genie is a Modern Eye-Caring Table Lamp which gives optimum desk illumination. The lamp has a curved head with ball joints which lights up the entire desk.

This lamp automatically senses the ambient light brightness. This feature then allows it to auto dimming mode which adjusts and controls its brightness levels.

The lamp has a knob which adjusts its colour temperature and brightness levels. The light from the lamp gives no glare and provides smooth light without flickering.

The controls are fine-tuned to intuitive touch. The LED doesn’t harm eyes because of photo biological safety. The colour is warmer than normal fluorescent.

Users found this lamp as a good option for studying with clear illumination. The light from the lamp does not diminish the visibility of a monitor with no glare. People who suffer from eye strain should consider choosing it. The lamp is tall and adjustable with the ability to change the color temperature of light. The lamp is properly made up of cloth wire and with metallic built.

10. Brightech LightView Pro floor lamp

Brightech LightView Pro floor lamp
  • Magnifier works well for detailed work
  • Heavy oval base with stability
  • Adjustable height
  • Genuine diopter glass magnifier
  • Non replaceable lights
  • Weak wiring

Brightech Lightview pro is a full Page Magnifying Lamp. The magnification of the lamp is 2.25X. It is hands free, comfortable and easy to use lamps. The gooseneck of the lamp is flexible.

This lamp is helpful in cases of macular degeneration and for aging eyes. Elders with such conditions can use this lamp for good contrast and magnification.

The glass lens is 6.5” * 4” diopter. The glass is scratch resistant and doesn’t heat over time. The lamp comes with a 3-year warranty and 20 year warranty. The LED is of 9 W, 540 Lumens built lasting 20,000 hours.

Users found it that it can be used for many purposes such as makeup, aesthetician’s tasks, sewing, knitting, woodworking and repairing of electronics parts due to its magnifier strength. The lamp magnification is great with bright light. The lamp is heavy and cannot be knocked over easily. The light of the lamp is bright and focused on the work area. Elders can use it for the features it provides in their daily lives.

How to Choose the Best Reading Lamps For Elderly?

Elderly people clearly need assistance not only for reading purposes, but other daily routine purposes too which may include knitting, checking out details of a material and many such activities.

These lamps are also for their eyes protection, making eyes comfortable and helping them to reduce fatigue while reading. With eyes at old age require more brightness and also glare needs to be checked too, so an appropriate lamp is required according to needs or any specific requirements.

Comfortable ambient lighting in a well-lit room where old people can focus clearly and easily. Some features which people should consider while purchasing their lighting lamps can be discussed properly as below

Continuous uniform lighting

Illumination of light should be wide ranged and present all around the room space. It should not be fluctuating illumination which may cause strain in eyes and cause severe impact to frail eyes.

Glaring should be checked

Glare is actually very harmful to normal human eyes, but for elderly it is hazardous. All lights should be well-positioned so that glare is at its minimum. Even walls should be lightly shaded.

Lamp/lighting type

different types of lamps

Lighting options can be lamps which are floor lamps or desk lamps, neck reading light or eyeglass reading lights.

Floor lamps give very wide illumination with adjustable heights. They enable bright light beams which are best suited for elderly. Most of these are available with adjustable angles too.  Whereas Desk lamps are good for closer lights which can also be easily placed near bedside or even office workbenches. Clip on desk lamps are a great option with a magnifier for elderly.

Neck reading lights are another great option for easy focusing lighting on your reading pages which hugely reduce the work of adjusting them every time. They are very flexible.

Lights on eyeglasses are a well suited option as many elders use glasses and this can increase magnification as well as give clarity to vision.


Portability of any lamp adds a huge plus point. It can be used in many places very easily and can give options to adjust to a comfortable place. Portable lamps can illuminate places such as a different dim lighted room, trains or a camping site.

Battery rechargeable lamps are really good examples while considering portability. Other than them there are options of cordless lamps. Cordless lamps can either be battery powered where the battery needs to be changed or it can be Lithium batteries which saves expenses due to long durability. Battery powered can be used for details study now and then, whereas Lithium batteries are a really good option for voracious readers. Reading headlamps are also a good option in these cases.

Portable desks can have features of lightweight lamps which are easy to carry. They can even be put in small pockets and hence doesn’t cause much burden. These are just like cordless lamps as they are charged without wall outlets or main power supply.

Multiple lighting levels to option

Elders benefit a lot when the lighting illumination can be changed according to the required levels. As we have seen in above examples they can be very bright to very dim with different levels of brightness as in case of Miroco LED floor lamps giving 5 brightness levels as 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%. When equipped with such options anyone can prefer the illumination which suits them well according to their eyes exhaustion and comfort ability.

Lamps with more settings of lighting give several options for reading lights. The bright illumination is specifically good for ageing eyes as they provide better contrast to objects which gives clear words, colour contrast and visibility. Whereas dim lighting can be really good in night time as they provide shapes of objects around you and save you from a fall. Plus as elders are sensitive to light levels, dimmers are useful for them in daily usage.

A normal human eye can work just fine with 250 Lumens for a reading area but elders need at least 500 lumens for a clear sight. Yet it should not be enough to make them uncomfortable. Lights which imitate natural lighting are preferable.


Lighting lamps with adjustable features such as intensity of light, location, portability, angles, and direction should be worked such that they help provide comfort to any elder’s eyes. One must check glare and adjust to reduce it to its minimum. Multiple light sources in several places are preferable to one bright source for elders.

Lamp adjustability and its flexibility to do so should be kept in mind while choosing a lamp. Light settings should be checked for how much it can be pivoted to adjust in a place.

A clear and closer beam is best suited for elders’ needs. So angles must be chosen to keep it in mind for better results.

Easily accessible Lighting switches

Lighting switches should be at a distance of easy accessibility for ease of use and for safety purposes. It’s better if one can control them during daily activities. For elders this should be kept in mind for them to not get exhausted in finding a switch.

Easy to operate switches should be chosen in a lamp. Of course one need not worry about them in neck reading lights and eyeglass reading lights.

Lamps with cords and which require recharging features on/off switch at power outlet. It should not be troublesome to find this control of a lamp.

One of the best suited innovative lamps we now consider are touch sensitive switches. Control is very easy according to the pressure you apply and it is well within reach.  Tao tronics LED bed lamps provide such switches which can be used to increase brightness or dimness.

Lamp Magnifier

Lamp with proper illumination is a vital consideration. To read properly to the extent of good details is determined by a good magnifier. Along with regular protective lamp features, the magnifier just increases its strength as a good lamp.

Lamps which gives optimum view while reading or to see pictures a good magnifier is needed. LUXO IFM magnifier is a very good example with easy mount ability features and great lens magnification.

Natural lighting

Elders’ eyes are very sensitive. It is advised that any lamp which gives them natural lighting features should be best suited for their health of eyes.

One should consider making ambient lighting in homes where ample light is present. This is because eye disorders and changes are affected with such lighting.

Natural lighting corresponds to daylight which has cooler colours such as blue. Cooler fluorescent light can be used here for their eyes.

Indoors light should also mimic the colours of nature lighting. The configuration of such lighting aids in natural eye circadian rhythm.

A good healthy eye can improve their quality of life. Elders will be happy when they do not have to abandon their hobbies just because of eye disorders which can help with good lighting sources. In conclusion, choosing a lamp should be a wise decision for their wellbeing.


As we have seen above there are several factors one needs to consider while choosing any lighting lamp. Elders needs and requirements should be kept at high priority while selecting a lamp. These were some of the best reading lamps for elderly suggested by us. Comment below if you have any doubts regarding the same and we’ll be happy to help you out.

In the end we would like you to take good care of your elders and provide them services which make their life easy. Health issues are an important part of their lives at this age. 

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