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9 Best Magnifying Lamps For Fly Tying – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

I didn’t know fly tying was a thing till last month. When I did, I had to check out some of the best lamps or rather best magnifying lamps that would help me with fly tying. After all, this is a delicate process we’re talking about.

I went ahead and bought the particular products to try and test them for fly tying and below is a detailed guide on the same.

This guide was created after extensive research and trial of each and every lamp through various measures.

If you believe any content to be false, make sure to reach out to us via the comment box so we can fix it.

Let’s see what is best for you today.

Magnifying Lamps for Fly Tying Reviewed

As we’ve previously mentioned a detailed guide about the Best Magnifying Floor Lamps For Macular Degeneration, now we’re here with the beneficial complete guide and reviews of the 9 Best Magnifying Lamps For Fly Tying 2021. So here we go:

1. 8X Magnifying Glass Architect Desk Lamp

  • 360 Degree Swiveling
  • 8X Magnification
  • Versatile
  • Long Life
  • None

Fly tying equipment making and the process as a whole requires a whole lot of sharp and clear vision. The very smart Smays magnifying glass architect desk lamp is at your service. Not only is it good for professional use but also for those suffering from macular degeneration. 

With a life of above 20000 hours, the Smays lamp is made up of high-grade metal which keeps down the temperature while in use and ensures there are no accidental burns or touches.

An essential feature of a great fly tying lamp is the flexibility of its arms. The more, the better. This lamp keeps that in mind and makes your job hella easy. The wide jaw C clamp clings onto the desk firmly and lets you realign the neck accordingly with maximum ease.

Also, this lamp is very ambidextrous, you can use it for a variety of purposes like sewing, knitting, crossword solving, and much more. The 8X magnification and the 2000 lumen power make vision clearer and much more enhanced.

 The 360-degree lamp has great agility and swivels swiftly with utmost ease. Overall, it is a good lamp for fly tying and will keep you contented!

2. Neatfi Bifocals Magnifying Lamp

  • High CRI and color temperature
  • Multiple dimming modes
  • Memory feature
  • Easy to set up
  • Acrylic lens may get scratches easily

The Neatfi lamp is an excellent lamp for fly tying. Its CRI is close to 80 which means it almost stimulates daylight. The 7” wide acrylic lens gives ample magnification and the viewing area is quite wide. The lens can be removed and adjusted easily to the required position.

If your eyesight is weakening and you need utmost eye comfort, this is the one for you. It gives you real-world performance. The magnification is very impressive and it will definitely impact your productivity positively. This results in more ease and more output.

The setup is easy and the instructions are self-explanatory. The lamp is robustly built and is very adjustable. The brand claims a 3-year product warranty and ensures long life. The stand arm is sturdy and easy to mount too.

The 5000 K color temperature range means that the light is super bright, we give extra credits to the heat dissipation which keeps it cool throughout usage.

The only limiting drawbacks are that the lamp can’t be swiveled freely. Otherwise, the lamp is great and offers multiple dimming modes. With bright and consistent glare-free light. The exceptional feature is the memory function. It resumes from the same brightness level you left it on at. 

For the excellent service and reasonable rate, it clearly delivers what it advertises. So if you are looking for a wavy duty lamp with solid anchorage, look no more! We highly recommend this lamp.

3. Carson Desk Bright Mini LED magnifying Lamp

  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Compact 
  • Portable
  • May malfunction after months of use

The next item in our list of magnifying lamps for fly tying is the Carson Desk Bright LED magnifying lamp. The lamp is light, folds down easily, and also easy to pop up and realign. If you do not want to use it as a magnifier, you could use it as a desk lamp too. 

The lamp is robustly built and is sleek-looking. The product comes with no instructions whatsoever so putting it together can be a pain. It also does a great job as a desk lamp, for sewing, painting,  quilting, doing lashes and nail art, doing miniatures, etc.

The bright and consistent bright light and the great magnification make it a great choice for fly tying. The shipping is fast quicks and safe.It is supported by batteries which makes it a more convenient option.

The lamp is pretty compact and functional. The lightweight also makes it portable The hinges stay tight which keeps it in position. Its sturdy base prevents it from tipping over. Its great features make it an awesome gift too. You simply cannot beat it for the price.

4. Brightech LightView Pro 3 in 1 Magnifying Lamp

  • Hands-free
  • Multi-purpose
  • Heat resistant
  • Adjustable pole
  • Tippy 
  • The heavy lens makes gooseneck droopy 

The brightness is adjustable and the lamp hods up easily. You are going to love the sturdiness and versatility of this lamp. You can also convert it into 3 different styles, clamp-on table, or use it as a desk lamp or standing lamp too. 

The pole is adjustable and can be used differently as a lamp for fly tying and also for beading, cross-stitching, embroidery, painting,  etc.

The viewer is reported to be heat resistant by many users which is a solid plus point. You can dim it easily with a gentle tap as it is very touch-sensitive.

The lens is scratchproof and is window size and of great quality but a little too heavy so the one-foot-long gooseneck gets droopy and is heavy for the base so that may be inconvenient and a little tippy. So you need to position it carefully.

The hands-free lamp gives 800 lumens of bright light. The neck maneuvers easily but is a little stiff. The lamp is quite durable and easy to set up. The good range of height offers utter ease and comfort while working.

The brand offers a 2-year extendable warranty. The lamp is fairly priced ad s very reasonable for the kind of service offered.

5. Brightech LightView Pro Lamp

  • Durable powder coating
  • Anti-dust lens
  • Robust design
  • Multiple dimming levels
  • None

The Brightech lamp is an ideal product when we talk about lamps for fly tying. The arm is very easy to position and realign. Besides fly tying, you may use it for other professional works too like sewing, cross-stitching, miniature painting, etc. That’s the specialty of Brightech lamps, they are quite versatile and stable.

The 2.25 X magnification totally amps up the visual clarity. The 5-inch glass lens enables you to look through it for a better view. They do impact depth perception. The 500 + lumens ensure bright illumination and accurate vision.This is amazing for those with macular degeneration.

The long-reaching, robust lamp offers two tones-arm and daylight and warm light. You can switch between the two as per the ambiance. The lens comes with an integrated protective shield against the starches and damages which is another edge over other lenses. It also keeps the dust off the lens.

The powder coating is long-lasting which makes it more appealing visually. The lamp swivels around easily and swiftly. The clamping and unclamping are troublefree and quick. The brand also promises a 3-year warranty which is icing on the cake.

6. Brightech LightView  Magnifying Floor Lamp

  • Glass lens
  • Sturdy design
  • Distortion-free light
  • Adjustable pole height
  • The base is tippy

The Brightech Pro lamp gives a wide-angle view with little end-to-end distortion. The lamp has a truly weighted base which avoids any wobbling. It has a solid extension pole that is easy to adjust. It is well constructed and well designed.

The lamp is easy to swivel and move around. The light is very bright and the lens is crystal clear. The built-in glass lens cover keeps the scratches and dust off.

The light is great for photography and scanning too which makes it even more fascinating. The great field of vision is sufficient for working on any project. It is also a great choice for a tattoo artist. The light comes with multiple dimming modes which let you have the amount of brightness per your need.

The shipping is lightning fast and the packaging is sturdy. The brand gives a 5-year warranty and over 100000 hours of life. You cant find a better product at this price.  It is totally worth the money.

7. Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp

  • Distortion-free light
  • Sharp vision
  • Quick heat dissipation
  • Glass lens
  • None

The Brightech Lightview Pro is a beast. The magnification is perfect for those with macular degeneration. The way it is secured to the base is perfect. The lens offers glare-free, distortion-free vision with maximum accuracy.

It stays perfectly balanced and in position owing to a firm base. Also, it is made of glass and not acrylic so it would not cause you any eye fatigue. The very flexible neck would allow easy positioning of the light beam.

The cord snakes through the cord and is out of sight. The sturdy base keeps it in place. The magnification is clear and large and perfect for fly tying work. It moves easily with or without clamping. The bendable head and easy swiveling make it a truly portable lamp.

The delivery is lightning fast and the assembling is precise and straightforward. The length of the arm is sufficient for working comfortably and at ease. The 1.75 X magnification would be ample even for those dealing with macular degeneration.

The lamp moves sideways for added versatility. The LED technology ensures there is no overheating of the product and that the heat dissipated quickly. It also allows you to play with different color tones-warm and daylight. The design is good and the lamp is reasonably priced. We highly recommend this lamp.

8. Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Lamp

  • Flexible neck
  • Steady base
  • Ambidextrous
  • Easy to operate
  • Cumbersome assembly

The lamp stays put where you put it and the quality is high grade. The color temperature controlling mechanism is smooth and efficient. The lens is 5”, held by a plastic ring in its place. Fly tying needs a lot of accuracy and precision and with this lamp, you can surely ace it.

The heavy base does not wobble at all. So knocking it over accidentally isn’t an issue. It would be a great choice for technicians, jewelry makers, aestheticians, and painters.

The neck is flexible and makes realignment an easy task. The height adjustment is a great feature too.

The assembly is a little cumbersome. Brightech is the best brand offering service when it comes to magnifying lamps. The flexible arms give it an edge over traditional arms. The high-quality LED gives more distinction and clarity.

As we’ve mentioned above the 9 best magnifying lamps for fly tying and their reviews as well. You can also check our reviews on Reading Lamps For Elderly right product for you.

Buyer’s Guide of Magnifying Glass for Fly Tying

Does the traditional lamp you use, give you ample light to work precisely on fly tying or is it bothering your vision and hurting your eyes. If it does not,  you may switch to modern-day magnifying LED lamps which are not only energy-efficient but also more efficient and trustworthy. 

They will deliver what you need and help you magnify the artificial fly with utmost comfort and ease. This will also ensure healthier eyesight and better productivity. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before investing your hard-earned money into it:


For a magnifying neck, the flexibility of the neck is quintessential. While tying a fly, your neck may go into uncomfortable postures. To prevent that, you may buy a lamp that is easy to position and adjust. This will keep in check that your posture is right and your discomfort is zero.        

Installation Method

You can either clamp the lamp onto your wall securely or place it on a surface and use it as a desk lamp easily. Most of the lamps surely firmly to walls. Some are also capable of standing on the floor.  You may make a choice according to your need.


If there is ambient light in your room during the day, you may need a lamp with dimmable modes so that the brightness is fine. A lamp with multiple dimming modes shall be preferred. The lamps are great choices. The Neatfi lamp comes with a variety of dimming modes. Check it out.


Cheap knockoffs have low-quality bases which are more prone to tipping and wobbling. These are also not good if you have kids or pets at home. 


Lumens is the amount of brightness offered. The higher the better.CRI is the color rendering index. It is the value that indicates the object’s clarity and sharpness under that light.

 A higher rate of both of these is ideal and essential for better productivity and spot-on fly tying.

Color Temperature Adjustment

These magnifying lamps come with ample features and brightness levels. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin. The higher range is around 5500 K.The ideal color temperature would be somewhere between 2700 to 5000K.

The higher temperatures are closer to daylight tones and offer natural realistic light. All of this boils down to the user and their needs and ambiance.


The higher the number, the greater is the clarity and vision. Do check the diopter power when buying a lens. A higher power amplifies the vision and object clarity thus reducing eye discomfort. A standard magnification is somewhere between 1.75 to 2X. 

The enhanced vision provides hassle-free focus on minute and intricate details. The Architect lamp offers 8X magnification which is incredible.


The last thing you want is a flimsy and finicky lamp that is hard to move around and carry. Choose a lamp that can be adjusted easily and carrying it is hassle-free. Swiveling and adjusting shall also be easy. Also, brownie points if it is hands-free!

The Carso LED lamp is a very portable lamp. The Brightech Lightview Pro 3 is also a great choice.


Out of all the products listed above, we personally recommend buying the Brightech Ligtview Pro lamp due to its flawless features and superb performance. It is great for those with vision issues too.

We hope that you have got the answer to your queries and all your doubts have been holistically addresse. Invest your bucks judiciously. Happy fishing!

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