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8 Best Magnifying Lamps For Crafts (2022) – Reviews + Buying Guide

My kids love their playtime which is filled with crafts and creativity. But my home lights were not suitable for anything.

I had to get a special magnifying lamp for crafts which is why I hunted the market for a couple of brands.

After testing a lot of them, Brightech LightView Pro stood out among all of them. I vigorously tested this and found it to be amazing.

Check out detailed information on the lamp.

Best Best Magnifying Lamps For Crafts Reviewed

Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Lamp & Table Clamp

  • Good quality glass
  • Well designed
  • Adjustable lights
  • Great light
  • Very heavy
  • Costly

The first lamp on our list has a lot of perks. The first is, of course, the fact that it can be angled in so many different ways without requiring any sort of adjustment whatsoever. This is what makes it the perfect magnifying lamp for crafts.

The second is how solid it feels. It’s constructed well and designed with durability and ease of use in mind! The arm isn’t going to collapse on you if you’re not careful around lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the optical magnification built into the whole unit.

It’s not like a computer screen magnifying glass; it’s more like a magic-lantern lens in that you can focus on tiny objects and even make them larger! The lumen output is something I noticed right away as it was way too bright for use for craft purposes.

Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp

  • Strong and sleek
  • Affordable
  • LED lights
  • USB cable ports
  • Limited viewing range

I bought it recently for craft purposes, and it is perfect for my needs. The floor lamp has such delightful features at such a reasonable price. This is a great product, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

 Its power and design are lovely, and the only thing is that it is a bit pricey but all in all worth every cent! For sure, you will fall in love with this magnifying floor lamp, which features LED light with two brightness levels and two colour temperatures, one white light for general work, and one warm amber for detailed results. 

This lamp can be in five different positions for the different lighting needs. This magnifying floor lamp has integrated USB charging ports that enable easy charging of your smartphone or tablet devices for full use even during working.

 It has a solid and sleek design and makes a great addition to your workstation. It has six powerful fluorescent light bulbs. It is lightweight and sturdy and has an adjustable head, and integrated USB cable ports, and a built-in handle for easy portability. 

LANCOSC LED Magnifying Lamp

  • AA battery
  • Flexible neck
  • High-quality view
  • Great lightning
  • Heavy

The LANCOSC LED Magnifying Lamp is a great tool to have around when working with small objects, like polymer clay. If you are using polymer clay, this lamp will work wonderfully with the different colours of that material, giving you a closer look when examining your work. 

It’s also a safe way to turn up the intensity on any light source without burning through or overheating it. You can even use this lamp with other materials if they are not toxic or heated up by the light emitted by LANCOSC’s LEDs.

 The lamp’s brilliant light is perfect for examining small items or tasks like crafting or painting. You can also use it as a nightlight or general lighting when it isn’t necessary to give others a clear view. 

It can read and charge other devices, including cell phones and tablets. The lamp runs on one AA battery, which will give you enough juice for several hours of use.

  It allows people with vision problems to see more clearly than before and enables artists to see colors and details in their work before creating the material.

Brightech LightView Pro

  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • LED are not replaceable

Brightech Lightview pro lamp is best for creating, especially for craft purposes. Brightech is an easy way to provide a flood of light while using a lightweight and portable craft project. Lightview is the perfect lamp kit with an LED lamp, 3 or 4 rechargeable AA batteries, a cord, and h base plate. 

The lightweight battery-powered LED lamp uses four super-bright LEDs, which provide maximum illumination at over twice as much power efficiency per watt as incandescent bulbs used in other lights.  

The lamp can easily do a craft project with low light requirements with the Brightech Lightview Pro. The lamp provides clear, crisp light for all types of projects such as scrapbooking, needlepoint, cross-stitch, drawing, painting, and quilting.

The lamp can use the battery pack in any position, and the lamp can be tilted to any angle for customized lighting. Incorporated into the design is a flexible white plastic arm that allows light placement at any angle when attached to an adjustable base. It is lightweight, portable, and energy-efficient.

iMagniphy 8X Desk Magnifier with Light

  • Built-in–light
  • Flexible neck
  • Different brightness setting
  • Lens are scratch resistance.
  • The Focus area might be small
  • Limited battery life

If working with your hands is one of the things you love, then you probably know that sometimes it can be challenging to see what you’re doing. That’s where the iMagniphy 8X Desk Magnifier with Light comes in!

The best part about this magnifying glass is that it has a built-in light, so you don’t have to worry about straining your eyes to find the lights or moving an extra lamp. 

This cleverly designed device also rotates 360 degrees, has an adjustable arm, and can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. The magnify 8X Desk Magnifier with Light has a flip-top cover when protecting the lens. The glass lens is also scratch-resistant. 

The magnify 8X Desk Magnifier with Light also features an excellent modern design. Not only will this good magnifier improve your craft projects, but it will also make you proud to have it on display in your home or office!

Brightech LightView Pro Flex

  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Solid magnification
  • LED with adjustable brightness
  • Not so good quality

If you’re looking for a lamp that lets the light shine on your work in dark spaces, this one is perfect. You might also want to see if it meets your needs as a craft person! It’s easy to link up with different fabric types and find the perfect colour for any environment.

The powerful light from the lamp helps to improve eye strain and, therefore, productivity, which is always excellent for those who need an extra push. It has a very bright colour and works in dark spaces well.

This is great for those who like to be able to see what they’re doing without the help of a work lamp – it’s just enough illumination.

But the light kind of stinks when you first set it up. Others can’t believe how much glare it creates, but that makes it easy to work with others and your friends! It’s also quite forgiving because you can dim the lights down quietly when working.

Overall, this is one lamp that all artists should consider getting if you don’t want to keep track of the different lamps needed for other things.

This is an exciting lamp that does everything it’s supposed to do, so be sure to check it out!

Brightech LightView Pro 2 in 1 XL Magnifying Floor Lamp

  • Flexible lens
  • Lightweight
  • 12w bulb
  • 6x magnifying glasses
  • Quality make not be up to mark
  • Not so durable

Offering bright light with a magnifying lens, the Brightech LightView Pro 2 in 1 XL Magnifying Floor Lamp for Craft provides additional illumination and magnification as you work on all of your intricate tasks.

This lamp features two telescoping tubes that extend to offer either an 8” or 12” diameter shade. The longer tube provides extended-reaching illumination while the shorter lenients offer bright, concentrated light for detailed work.

The large, 6x magnifier is perfect for all of your detailed tasks like painting miniatures. The magnifier comes with a 5x glass lens, which provides a near-field view of your chosen item – perfect for making tiny things.

The lamp also comes with two light bulbs (one 9W, one 13W), positioned to provide extra illumination. The Brightech LightView Pro 2 in 1 XL Magnifying Floor Lamp for Craft is a high-quality aluminium construction that ensures durability and stability even under challenging conditions.

The Brightech LightView Pro 2 in 1 XL Magnifying Floor Lamp for Craft is ideal for all of your intricate crafts and projects while providing powerful illumination and magnification.

SUPER DEAL PRO Daylight Desk Table Magnifying Clamp Lamp

  • Both big and small lens
  • Adjustable magnifier
  • Metal construction
  • LED light
  • The base is not sturdy

Needlework, crafts, and puzzles can seem complicated when the light is too bright or not bright enough. Whenlenssuitablelooking at your work in high-def close-up will help you spot mistakes.

 Plus, it’s often harder to create small things with older eyes than with younger eyes.

You might be surprised how bright daylight is – even if you’re working inside, especially if you’re working in a room with small windows. Supposedly our eyes are fully adapted to sunlight after about an hour or two. 

But even after that, if you go to a dark room and then quickly come back into a sunlit room, it can feel blinding. That’s because your eyes need time to adjust – and what we’re talking about here is rapid adjustments up and down. It’s more important than you might think!

 Shopping for this type of lamp can feel overwhelming because there are so many options.

Buying Guide For the Best Magnifying Lamps For Crafts

This list of the top 10 best magnifying lamps will help you make an informed decision when buying a lamp.  The glass lens is the most critical factor in any light, as it will be used to view the intricate details of your crafts.

We recommend that you focus on glass lens quality before anything else since it is the primary function of a lamp and will influence your overall experience. Other important factors for buying craft lamps are mentioned below.


The diopter measures the magnification of a magnifying lamp. Magnifying lamps typically range in power from 1x to 3x. Lamps that are higher powered than 3x will usually have an LED light source rather than the more common filament light source.

These lamps are often called “ultra-magnifiers” and provide 24 times more magnification than their lower-powered counterparts. While these ultra-magnifiers offer the best possible view of small items, they also tend to be noisy and hot. Lamps with good diopters are perfect for fly tying too.

Glass / Plastic Lense

Two types of magnifying lens materials are most commonly found in magnifying lamps; glass and plastic (acrylic). Glass lens materials are the most expensive but offer the highest optical magnification of any type of magnifying lens.

The glass lenses are flexible and offer the necessary flexibility to turn a magnifying lamp into a handheld tool. Plastic lenses, the lens, on the other hand, can be rigid, and they do not provide magnification like glass lenses, but they are cheaper, lighter weight (up to 10% less), and less prone to breakage. 

The plastic lens material also offers more excellent durability over glass lenses.

Eyedropper Lamps

Eyedropper lamps allow you to adjust the power at will by simply filling or emptying an attached liquid reservoir through the lens. The liquid used is typically corn oil, silicone or mineral oil. 

If they are filled, ultimately, they provide the maximum magnification available and cannot be refilled. If lamps are only half-full, they offer less magnification but can be supplied with more liquid.

Magnifying Lamps with Lights: If a magnifying lamp has lights, it’s called an illuminated magnifier; it’s called an opaque magnifier when a lamp is not illuminated.

 Illuminated lamps are good for detailed work in darker areas because of the built-in light source, and some have an optional extra lamp that you can use as a desk lamp. 

Opaque limited lamps are typically easier to store because they do not require a separate lamp, and the sizeable magnifying lens doesn’t generate heat like an LED light source.

Magnifying Lamps with Lights, Opaque

The first type of magnifying lamp with lights, opaque, was developed by the Lumicon Company. The light source is located at the bottom of the glass lens. 

While this feature was designed for bifocals or eyeglasses, it works just as well on small objects for close work. Opaque lamps can be used on desks, shelves and table sides since they don’t generally provide enough power to flood a room with light.


The Brightech LightView Pro 2 in 1 XL Magnifying Floor Lamp is a magnifying lamp that includes a light source, so you don’t have to worry about buying those separately. The adjustable focus head lets you position the lamp exactly where you need it, and the large size ensures that your hands will not be cramped when using it. It also comes with a lens cover, so you won’t damage your eyes while working.

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