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10 Best Bedside Lamps for Reading – Reviews + Buying Guide [2022]

Are reading sessions hurting your back being on a chair? This is why you are looking for bedside lamps for reading, right?

Buying the right lamp for book reading requires extensive research and lot of testing. One bad decision and you end up with a mediocre lamp for the next couple of years.

We did a research of over 20 products over the last few months and tested most of them to conclude that bedside reading is not to be trifled with. It can severely damage your eyes if you don’t have proper light support to work with.

After a ton testing, we bring you the best bedside lamps for reading that would be the best in market right now.

1. Jiosxc Modern Table Lamp

  • USB port for charging
  • Classic look
  • Dual on/off switch
  • High-grade metal used
  • Gooseneck may malfunction

The first item on our list for best lamps for reading is the awesome Jiosxc Modern lamp. The classy-looking lamp perfectly goes well with the urban room decors.

It is a great lamp with a warm light bulb for the main shade and a bright LED night light for reading. The soft light is perfect for a cozy and relaxing reading session. 

You can use the main shade and telescopic light simultaneously. The bright illumination is sufficient to do nail art too. 

The flexible gooseneck can be adjusted to focus the light beam where you want. So now you can enjoy reading your favorite novel even while lounging on your couch.

The packaging is neat and the assembly is easy. The metal used is high grade so you do not have to worry about quality issues. 

The base has a USB port on the side which is easy to reach and makes charging super convenient which could also be used as a phone charger.

 Overall, it is worthwhile to have this lamp in your home!

2. TaoTronics TT-DL050 Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp

  • Sleek look
  • NFC/Qi wireless charging pad
  • Wide color range
  • Multiple brightness levels.
  • Pricey

The Taotronics lamp is a toughly built product. The modern-looking and elegant lamps are made up of brushed and textured finished material. The hinges and pivots are sturdy. The touch-sensitive control panel works perfectly and is very responsive. The light temperature and dimming modes are brilliant. 

The illumination and brightness levels make reading during the day and night easy and fun. Even on low brightness levels, the light does not flicker. 

The nightlight will be great for bedrooms too when you want a calm and gentle vibe.  The great light diffuser spreads light consistently and evenly. You can rotate the dual-hinged arm flexibly and swiftly.

The wireless NFC/Qi charging feature is an added bonus and works efficiently. You can set your phone down and it charges quickly.

The packaging and delivery come in pristine condition. The lamp allows you to switch between various color hues and tones by just tapping on the panel.

The only downside reported by users is that the on/off button stays brightly lit which might be annoying at night. Nevertheless, the positioning, brightness, and color rage make it a fantastic lamp! We highly recommend this.

3. Solfres Innovative Design Headboard Reading Light

  • Easy Installation
  • Visually Appealing 
  • Dimmable
  • Bendable Neck
  • May flicker

The brass-shaded Solfres lamp is quite cute looking. It will match most of the color schemes and urban interiors. The accordion neck is quite bendable and provides you utmost ease to read extensively without having to worry about eye discomfort and itching.

The light would also be great as an overhead light since it lights up the room very well. The robust base doesn’t tip or wobble.

Additionally, it is also very dimmable which allows you to switch between various levels. You can either place it over a surface or use the stand to hang it in a corner. Either way, it fulfills its purpose well. 

This versatile lamp can also be used for crafting, painting. sewing activities that need a lot of emphasis on intricate details. The gold finishing makes it more visually appealing.

The lamp is easy to install and the mirror clips provided hold it in place securely. A little issue reported by users is that the light may flicker which may disrupt the reading sessions.

The foam pad for the stand is a big plus which sits pretty like any wall headboard. Overall, it is a decent lamp with the great build quality.

4. SkyeyArc Spiral LED Table Lamp

  • Fabulous Geometry
  • Ultra-bright
  • Various dimming levels
  • Has to be powered directly.
  • Can’t be used with a smart plug

The spiral Skyyey Arc lamp puts out intense and clean light. The brightness is ample for reading. You can switch between warm to cool brightness tones for different times of the day and the ambiance.

It doesn’t need to be plugged into an extension cord. It has to be powered directly and then it works fabulously. Due to its unique geometry, it projects more light outward than inwards. The 3 set light settings and compact design make it portable and easy to carry around.

The modern-looking lamp complements the contemporary interiors well. It is totally worth the money. The pretty accent piece spreads light consistently. The dimmer also works well. On brightest as well as on the lowest setting, the lamp sets the mood right.

The techy aesthetic is very fascinating and would make a great gift too. You can also pop it into your kid’s room. The lamp is ambidextrous and can be used for photoshoots, in art studios, makeup studios as well. You will surely get a lot of appreciation for this beauty.

5. ZITRADES Bedside Lamp

  • Fancy 
  • Great CSR
  • Multiple dimming/brightness levels
  • Easy wireless charging 
  • Not versatile
  • No gooseneck

Zitrades lamp is similar to the lamps you would find in a hotel room. This fantastic lamp is not only attractive but also efficient. The slim and fancy look perfectly matches the urban interiors and takes up little space.

The ease of charging access gives you comfort without having to find wall outlets or long power cables.

One quick and light touch helps you manage the brightness levels. The wireless charging port lets you charge your phone, tablet, Fitbit, Apple watches easily. The touch feature makes functionality more simple, perfect for your kids’ use too.

It operates well on every brightness setting. The material is fine durable and reliable. The lamps look very adorable and would be perfect for midnight reading. It might not be the best choice for activities like sewing, crafting so that’s a menu for us.

The customer service is beyond good as reported by multiple users. To sum up, we can say this is a great lamp which doesn’t break the bank.

6. COMZLER Bedside Lamp

  • Toughly built
  • Stylish
  • 3 different switches
  • Yellowish glow relaxes eyes
  • May overheat

The next item on our list of lamps for reading is the amazing Comzler bedside lamp. The design is very stylish and sophisticated. Not only is it easy to turn on /off but also takes up minimal space in your room. It would work as a great bedside lamp too.

It has  3 different switches. One cuts off power to everything, a pull string to control the light, and a switch on the base to control the power. It has one normal plug and the other is a USB charging port. The lamp is also enabled with a pull chain to regulate the light which is a solid A plus.

The solid brightness can be used to read/write at night causing zero vision issues. The soft yellowish glow is perfect for viewing and relaxing. The lampshade can be removed easily if you wish to. The quality is high grade and will not get out of shape or damaged by simply stroking or brushing /dusting.

This lamp is super practical but the only downside is that has no gooseneck so adjusting and projecting light to the required area won’t be possible. The power cord is a little too heavy. But if you are looking for a medium-sized bedside lamp, you are sorted!

7. DEEPLITE Small Table Lamp, Bedside Lamp

  • Decent looking
  • Voice controllable
  • Goes with urban room decors
  • USB charging port
  • Pricey

The Deeeplite small table lamp is a voice-controlled lamp. The Deep lite bedside lamp is quite the neoclassical modern look. The lamp takes minimum space on the table and gives you a lot of space for your books, phones. 

They are well made and the pull chain is an additional benefit. It is also easily accessible in the dark. There would be no loose cables lying across the room as it has no extension cords.

The delivery is quick, the packaging is neat. It is also easy to put together. The USB plug lets you charge whatever, whenever. The lamp is also compatible with Alexa which gives you sheer pleasure and zero discomfort and hassle.

The brushes nickel finish amplifies the room ambiance and the sleek look would be a great fit for your dining room too. You can lay on the bed and enjoy your favorite book with the ease of voice control with these decent lamps.

8. Oneach Maria Rustic Table Lamp

  • Great as a nightlight
  • Robust
  • Classic look
  • Great burlap fabric
  • Not so versatile

The very pocket-friendly Oneach Maria lamps are classic-looking. This lamp is easy to put together and assemble. These are simple and elegant and the pull cord is easy to use. The cute burlap shades would totally go with the rustic decors and also glow when the lamp is turned on.

The black candlestick type base is very sturdy and less prone to tipping and wobbling. The hardware is not flimsy at all. You can adjust the base and use the side chain comfortably.

The velcro around the top and bottom of the shade adheres to the velcro and metal rings to provide extra stability. It would also look good on bedroom, buffet table or end tables.

This product is great for reading ventures and also a great light for a nightstand.

Not to mention, this price is a blessing.

9. Aooshine Table Lamp

  • Dimmable
  • Chic look
  • Great as a nighlight
  • Soft and subtle illumination
  • Not compatible with Alexa
  • Finicky USB port

The Aooshine lamps not only look decent and chic but also function well. This is a great bedside reading lamp. It also functions as a great desk lamp or for use in a nursery for soft lighting. The lamp has only one brightness setting.

It has two USB ports. The USB port is a little finicky. Nevertheless, this lamp has a dimmer. This makes it a nice nightlight too. Now your baby can sleep peacefully in the calm and soft light. The super cool lights turn on/off with just a gentle touch.

Without taking much room, these projects light pretty decently. The 2700K color temperature range means clean and warm light, perfect for an evening reading session. We will not recommend this if you’re looking for a versatile lamp for activities like crafting or beading or miniature painting. The Moonshine lamp is not that versatile.

Buyers Guide on the Best Bedside lamps for Reading

If lounging on your couch or lying on your bed and reading is your go-to hobby, you need a solid map to guard your fragile vision. There are different lamp categories that serve different purposes. Let’s have a  look at the essential feature of any lamp-  

Brightness and Color temperature

Reading lamps are supposed to be bright to enlighten the wide reading space. The brightness is usually measured in Lumens. 

The higher the lumen number, the higher is the brightness output of a lamp. A lamp with 1000-2000 lumen is suggested for reading purposes.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvins. Artificial lights’ simulation of realistic and natural light is measured with this. A range between 2000-3000 K shall be preferred for bedside reading.

A higher range will mean cooler white blue light while a lower range would mean yellowish and orange light. The  Taotronics has a high lumen and right color temperature range which gives you a quality reading experience.


The height of a reading lam is another vital characteristic because it depends on your place of installation and the style you prefer to read in. There are overhead lamps with light shining on the pages of a book directly or bedside lamps with lesser direct beam projection. 

You may make a choice according to the space available and our usage too. If you need a bedside lamp, Deeplite would be fine. The Taotronics would be great if you’re looking for a flexible desk lamp.


A lamp with multiple dimming modes is very important because you may need to adjust them at different times of the day. 

It may also come in handy when you have to put your baby to sleep or want a subtle light in the room. Either way, a nice dimmable lamp is recommended. 

The Taotronics lamp has multiple dimming modes for every time of the day to give ambient, mood, or task lighting as per your whims and fancies.

Light Source

A light source is an important point to ponder upon. Traditionally, incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs were in use which ate up more power and the brightness wasn’t satisfactory.

The modern-day lamps come with ultra-advanced LED panels with more illumination and also are budget-friendly. These bring sow the electricity bills too. The only issue with them is that they need replacement even if one bulb fuses.

You may need it for a reading nook, study room, library, office, or in your living room. Choose wisely and judiciously.

Color Rendering Index(CRI)

CRI or color rendering index means the sharpness and the quality of vision a light provides. The higher the CRI, the higher is the sharpness and clarity. A CRI around 90 is suggested for readers.


The best light is the one that suits your budget matches your vibe and gives you maximum comfort. Our personal favorite is the Taotronics LED lamp. With multiple dimming modes and brightness levels, this lamp would deliver what it promises and also is pocket-friendly.

Consistent bright and glare-free light which covers the entire page would be best for any user to enhance productivity and maintain the right posture. Hope you find this interesting and helpful.Thanks for reading.

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