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Lighting Tips
Floor Lights Vs Ceiling Lights: What Is Better For Your Room?

If you are looking for the right lights for your room because you know you are going to spend a lot of time in it you obviously will need what’s best for you. ...

How to Install Security Lights? (Detailed Guide)

Installing Security Lights is easier than you think.You do not need to have electrical experience whatsoever to do it on your own. This will also be of ...

Tips For Indoor Lighting Photography

Are you struggling with having control over your final images? Want to be more active on Instagram but can’t be because you struggle with taking pictures at ...

Yellow vs White Light: Which One is Better?

Choosing the right colour for your lighting can be a key element to creating a better environment for your home. Both Yellow Lights and White Lights can be ...

How To Choose The Best Light Fixtures For Your Garage?

When we think of a garage, we often just assume it as a place for storage or a place to park our car. However, there are so many different possibilities that ...

How many Lumens to Read?

The kind of light that you use for reading can have a tremendous effect on how your eyes are affected. You would not want to go long hours reading under a ...

11 Hacks To Brighten Up A Dark Living Room?

Tired of living in a gloomy, dark room? We got you covered.Not every house is blessed with natural light, but don’t worry! We’re here to share some tips ...

How to Install Outdoor Flood Lights in Your Home?

Installing Flood Lights outside your home is an easy way to secure your house from intruders or burglars. They emit bright light and enhance the look of your ...

Which LED Light Bulbs Are The Best?

Who does not have LED light bulbs in their home these days? Right? But does everyone know which light bulbs are the best for your home?With ...

How to build a Floor Lamp | DIY Floor Lamp

Floor Lamps have gained immense popularity over time because they give off a bright light and help to add beauty to the room it is placed in. These lamps are ...

How Tall Should Bedside Lamps Be?

People have been widely using bedside lamps for reading and these lamps have been popular for more than half a century as it provides enough light for ...

Lighting For Living Room/Lounge: Powerful Ideas to Improve your Lighting

Facing issues with being able to see what you're doing? You have some light, but it's still too dim to read a book? Are there not enough fixtures built into ...

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