10 Best Manicure Table Lamps – Reviews and Buying Guide

I have a cousin who is the best nail technician, and I spent some of my free days in her workspace. She has a variety of manicure table lamps in her shop. ...

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When my friend moved to her new high ceiling home, she was baffled about choosing the right lamp suitable for the new decor. Even if she previously had ...

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Floor lamps can push the lighting of your office and make the next meeting full of energy.  I have been working in an office for a few years now, and ...

10 Best Desk Lamps With Small Base – Reviews + Buying Guide

I spent the time around my working desk mostly by reading, doing paperwork, and projects on my computer, which require good light. So I was supposed to use ...

9 Best Lamps With USB Ports – Reviews + Buying Guide

The place you choose to work highly affects your productivity.  As someone who stays up late working at night, my favorite place to function in my ...

10 Best Desk Lamps For Eyes – Reviews + Buying Guide

I am a writer and most of the time my projects are big ones and that obliges me to stay awake all night to complete my work.  Using the regular lamps ...

8 Best Bedroom Lamps With USB Port – Reviews + Buying Guide [2021]

When it comes to your bedside table or workstation or your study table it is important to keep it well lit. To do this all you need is a good bedroom lamp. ...

10 Best Magnifying Lamp For Needlework – Reviews + Buying Guide

Magnifying lamps are an aid if your vision isn't just about as great as it used to be, or if there isn't a source of natural sunlight accessible in your ...

7 Best Brightest Floor Lamps To Light A Room – Reviews + Buying Guide [2021]

Floor lamps are a perfect solution for your lighting solutions. These lamps amplify the visual appeal of the room and come in various shapes and sizes, vary ...

9 Best Magnifying Lamps For Fly Tying – Reviews + Buying Guide [2021]

I didn't know fly tying was a thing till last month. When I did, I had to check out some of the best lamps or rather best magnifying lamps that would help me ...

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Are reading sessions hurting your back being on a chair? This is why you are looking for bedside lamps for reading, right? Buying the right lamp for book ...

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It looks really good when the light reaches a few corners of your living room from a single lamp right? Well, that's why these floor lamps with multiple arms ...

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