Lifi (light fidelity)

Definition: Li-Fi, i.e. Light Fidelity, is a technology enabling digital content to be broadcast using a light source. By switching a LED on and off several thousand times a second, data can be transmitted in computing language, in 01110… format. The frequencies are not visible to the naked human eye, too fast to have any physiological impact and allow all types of video and audio data to be transferred.

Using Li-Fi, a LED can remotely transmit geo-located multimedia content (video, sound, image, text) as well as GPS coordinates, that are particularly useful in places where airwaves do not traditionally pass (tunnels, car parks, etc.).

The Waves are replaced with light which is not hazardous for health and can reach a rate of 1Gbit/s, i.e. ten times faster than Wi-Fi. Li-Fi offers numerous potential applications and can play an important role in the need to educate consumers, for Smart Grid integration, so that they optimise or even reduce their energy consumption.