SMART LIGHTING ALLIANCE is a center of resources to all stakeholders (town, city councils, property, developers, institutions and media), offering a wide range of skills around smart lighting and the advantages it can offer local authorities and theirs citizens.

Smart Lighting Alliance : a set of services

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Message from the President

Technology may be completely changing our everyday lives and creating some uncertainty as to our future uses, but we do know that light will always be one of life’s essentials.
Wherever we are, indoors or out, at work, in the car, or at home, lighting will continue to represent a key item that must be adapted and efficient.
Until now, lighting consisted in providing the right light at a given place depending on how it was to be used. Henceforth, it is also becoming a carrier of information.
Light will convey content; it will count, warn, indicate and interactively guide people and places, possibly in real time.
This is what we call Smart Lighting.
Although many organizations seek to raise awareness of how to use light intelligently, none support the deployment of smart lighting, which, in addition to bringing together the complex traditional lighting sector, must also facilitate interconnection with the IT, electronic and embedded technology sectors.
Our principal goal is to createa n updated resourcec entre capableo f supporting the different collective bodies with their smart-lighting challenges,f rom the very first approach through to project implementation.
To do that, we work on the integration of open communication systems enabling faster deployment of smart lighting and widespread adoption of the related technologies (Li-Fi, SG, etc.).
Our various clustersc overt he fields of application for which smart lighting representsa dded value.
Whether you are an industry player or a local authority interested in smart lighting for smart cities, our team is on hand to give you the information you need. Vou can also meet us atone of the events in which we take part.

Marc ROZENBLAT – President

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